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Hi girls,

It's been a while so lets see where to start??

Alexis is doing great at her new school, she is such a social butterfly.
Brookelyn is talking, walking, she is a fantastic eater, and is still sttn yay!!

Now onto the most recent news...

My son will be born within the next 48 hours, and I am kinda in panic mode. I had my dr's appt today and I was a good 3 almost 4 cms dilated and everything looked good. His head is super low and I am so uncomfortable, but I did not post to complain so needless to say I will be a mom to 3 very soon.

CPS has put in some new restrictions.. so they are as to follow:

When I go into labour I need to call them, Mickey is allowed to be there for the delivery, however once the baby and I are put into the Mat Ward he has to leave. CPS has to supervise visits after he is born even at the hospital. It's been rough, but I am doing the best I can for now.

I am feeling stressed out, and overwhelmed atm I am just not sure how I am going to manage 3 kids on my own.. well that is what is going through my head, but I know I will be able to do it. I am sure I will have my hair pulling moments, but every parent does.

Anyways I will try to update you guys once Christopher is here!!

Hope all of you are doing great:)

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Just take it one day at a time hon! It's all any of us can do really. Take each moment as a blessing and all the hardships as a way to help you appreciate all the blessings that much better. Good luck and I hope we get an update from you soon!!!!

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Good luck with your little guy making his appearance, ELV. Hopefully all your stuff with CPS is resolved soon. I agree with Christa, one day at a time and you are going to make it with the three kids.

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I was wondering if you'd had your LO yet. Can't wait to hear all about his arrival. I'm glad the girls are doing well.

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good luck!! Sorry things seem so crazy.. I hope it all works it's self out! Can't wait for your update!

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As long as you have someone to drive you to the hospital this time. Wink
I am shure it will all work. WIll your parents be there when the baby is born?

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I'm glad to hear that he'll at least get to be there for the delivery.
I was wondering if you'd had your baby yet! KUP!

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I hope all goes well with your delivery! KUP! Glad your girls are doing well!

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Sounds like everything is moving along. Glad to hear the girls are doing well and Christopher is working on making his arrival. Good luck with everything and KUP!!

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Can't wait to hear about the arrival!!

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Best wishes!