Update...apartment update..

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Update...apartment update..

we should be moving FRIDAY! Smile

well I don't know if ya'll remember me complaining about all that stuff.. The lady who used to live under us said that she saw a bunch of workers in our new apartment!!!! To me that sounds like they have to be working on it. According to the main manger, who called me 2 weeks ago, this is the time he should be out and they should be working on it. but when Glenn called on Tuesday, the other manger told him that the guy was gonna move out this weekend. So either he moved out early/ the other manager lied to me/ the 2nd manger has no idea what she is talking about... either way. I really hope that they are working on it. I haven't asked my friend yet if she has seen them working anymore. but I am just wishing she was right. Anyway that's my update. If everything goes as planned, I am gonna be in my apartment in 13 days!!!

eta: I just texted my friend, I hate to bug her about it, but I am just so impatiently waiting to figure this out! If they have started working on it, it is so freaking rude that the mangers never called either of us!

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how frustrating! I hope you get an answer soon

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Ohhhhh I have my fingers crossed that they are working on it!!! Maybe the one manager just didn't know exactly what was going on; so s/he was saying the weekend to be 'safe'; you know what I mean?? Annnnnnd maybe the other one hasn't called to say they are working on it cause s/he doesn't maybe know just yet orrrrr they want to wait until it's almost complete to 'surprise' you early.... MAYBE.... I could be WAY wrong tho Blum 3

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Can you call them!?? I would be too nosy to wait..

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Glenn refuses to let me call in his defense, they are biit!hes about it when we do call. We don't call often either. My friend said they are def. Working on it though. She said there are alot of guys too! Im excited. An end is in sight!

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I hope you get to move soon. Smile

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Hope you get an answer!!!!!!!!!!

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That is awesome if they are working on it! Maybe you'll even get to move in early!

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