Update on Cat!

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Update on Cat!

Cat is in the hospital. They found a blood clot (I believe somewhere in her abdomen) and she's on IV meds to dissolve it. With her past history of ectopic pregnancy, etc. and the clotting issue they have suggested to her that she get her tubes tied.

Please keep her in your thoughts & prayers as she recovers. She sure misses her babies.

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Thanks for letting us know! Sad

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Oh no, poor thing. I hope she recovers quickly and can go home to her LOs.

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I was just coming to post this too. I saw on FB she wanted someone to update. I hope she gets home soon x

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i hope she can come home soon!:(

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I'm glad they found it and are able to treat it. Please keep us posted!

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I'm glad it was found and treated and hoping she can go home soon.

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Prayers...So scary!

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That's awful! I hope everything is ok. Thanks for updating us.

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That is horrible. I hope she heals up quick and is able to be home with her family soon.

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