update on me!

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update on me!

today i got an u/s to check on fluid level, placenta tears and growth of baby to make sure placenta is still doing its job.
Little man inside is at an estimate of 3.5 to 4lbs! (i know this can still be off) So placenta is clearly doing its job and is behaving itself. My fluid was on the low side of normal so they just dont want it going any lower. I did find out though that I am anemic.. I have to take iron pills now which I hate because they cause constipation. Constipation is the worse thing to me!!

The best news is though that if the placenta keeps behaving itself I have high hopes for a vaginal delivery!! So send my placenta good behavior vibes Smile

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I'm so glad you posted an update, I was wondering this morning how things were going with you. That is great that he is still growing and things appear to be going great. Sorry about the iron pills, constipation does suck!! :vibes: Sending vag vibes your way!!

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What a great update! :party:

Sorry about the iron...eat as many pears and prunes and raspberries as humanly possible, and drink a ton of water! (...the opposite of the advice I'm giving Adair lately)

And hey...30 weeks! That all by itself is awesome news!!!

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YAY!!! That's fantastic! Well, minus being anemic. I know there are other ways to bring up your levels without taking those awful constipation pills. I never paid enough attention to those things though since it's not been a personal issue of mine.

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That is amazing and awesome that you are doing so well. And 30 weeks is fantastic! Every day and every week is a bonus for the little man you are building. You are rocking this pregnancy!! You will take those iron pills and you will drink water like it's going out of style and then in 10 weeks ,more or a little less,(EEEP!) you will rock that vaginal birth!!!

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I'm so glad to see your ticker say that you're at 30 weeks!!!!!!!!!! That's amazing! Awesome news that baby is growing and doing well!

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What a great update, minus the anemic part. Sending tons of healthy placenta vibes so you can have your vaginal delivery and a full term baby!

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I am so happy to hear you're doing so well! Congrats on 30 weeks!!!

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i'm glad things are going well, yay for 30 weeks!!

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So glad everything is looking good and LO is still baking. Yay for getting to 30 weeks!!!!