Update from a preggo! I didn't forget the appt.

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Update from a preggo! I didn't forget the appt.

So I made it to my OB appointment this morning. I had to take Lyla with me since I have nobody to watch her for me and I'm extremely paranoid about babysitters/strangers. Unfortunately, Lyla screamed as soon as my OB (who delivered her) said hi and she cried/screamed the whole time. I could barely make out anything the doc was telling me!! I guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet and start interviewing babysitters. That scares me soooo bad!! I just don't trust people with my child! Anyway. . .

Everything is great. My little Easter Egg is growing and has a strong HB, and the doc was very pleased with all of my stats/weight gain (5 pounds). And as a bonus surprise I got to see little Easter Egg again!! My baby is rolling and wiggling in there!

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Yahoo such a cute pic

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Yay for a good appointment (aside from the screaming toddler). Good thing you know what you're doing this time around. Imagine if you hadn't been able to understand anything the doc was saying last time! Taking the babysitter plunge isn't easy for any of us. The good news is that it definitely gets easier with time. The first time I left Teagan with my Mom for 30 minutes I was a wreck. I trust my Mom completely but I was still a panicked mess. Now I drop her off at daycare everyday, give her a kiss and a pat on the head, and go merrily on my way. Its still not the easiest thing in the world but the joy I see on her face when I pick her up makes up for it ;).

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I still haven't gotten around to finding a baby sitter. I need to, especially since I have 2 now and my nephew is always at my moms house. It isn't easy for her to watch all 3. I was kinda nervous about leaving Trevor with dh's sister (she is 19) but he was fine. I was more worried that he'd be upset with us.. he had a blast. Trevor did the same thing at my ob appointments so he was banned lol
Glad your appointment went well and I love the ultrasound pic!!

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Awwww....what a great pic. Glad the appointment went well. Good luck finding a sitter. Hopefully you find someone that you feel comfortable with very soon.

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Good to hear that all is well!

I understand about the babysitting thing. We really need to find a sitter so DH and I can go on a date once in awhile, but I am leary about non-family watching our kids. (Well, except for our daycare provider, but we've known her for 4 years now, so no worries there.)

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aww how cute!! glad everything went well minus Lyla screaming.

Finding a babysitter is hard:( i still feel kinda nervous with mine

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Awww! What a cute little babe! Glad your appt went well minus the screaming bit..

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awwww....what a little cutie! Sorry Lyla was such a pill, but can you blame her, I mean, he kind of forced her from her nice warm home last time they met LOL.

On the babysitter front, talk to your local pastor or youth group and see if they'll give you some names of older girls that they recommend.

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Glad to hear your little Easter Egg is doing great!!!! Yahoo

Good luck with finding a babysitter. The one person we trust here is heavily pregnant and we can't rely on her really anymore. I'm terrified about needing to find one after we move!

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Yay a great appt. minus the screaming LO!

I'm always hard up for a babysitter as well and its hard leaving still at this age. You could always get a babysitter and take her with you. Then during the appt. she can entertain Lyla in the waiting room office while you get a few min. face time with the doc. Plus they will be right there so that you know you can be reached in a second.

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Nice picture of a cute little bean! Yay for a good appointment!

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Bah!!!! I love your ultrasound pic!! Soooo jealous!! You're Easter Egg is beautiful!!! Have you started the name game????

Good luck finding a babysitter... I don't have ANY idea how I'm going to trust someone else other than my mom or mil to watch Sophie! I'm going to be a wreck just like you!!

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I love your ultrasound pic, it brings back memories! So jealous! Sorry Lyla screamed for the appointment though.

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Awww, I love your Easter Egg!!! GL with the sitter!
Can you do background checks on them?