Update on Tobey

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Update on Tobey

Tobey had a follow up appointment today about his gross motor skills

The doc said she thinks he has confidence issues because he will pull up but only if he's climbing up a person. It's like he's a bit scared to do it on the furniture, he's only done it the one time that we filmed.

He's got to go back again when he's 18 months because he can't get from laying down to standing without help but she thinks he will have caught up by then. He was however chatting to her the whole time, she said it sounds like he's really talking to her Lol

I'm a bit less worried about him but as she didn't really say "he's fine don't worry" I still have that panic that something might be wrong

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I'm sorry you are still worried, I'm sure it would be hard not to be since you didn't hear those comforting words that she could have said. It sounds like the appointment went well, and it's good that she didn't sound worried about him. Maybe he does just like having someone to climb up on to catch him if he falls. That sounds like a smart little boy.

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:grouphug: Sorry it wasn't as reassuring as you wanted it to be. From what you've told us and I've seen on video, I think he is doing just fine and still well within normal. Smile

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I feel that confidence factors in pretty heavily to when LOs start moving. Some kids have no fear and get going as soon as they are physically able. Others are far more cautious. Being cautious prohibits practice and so they're delayed in developing the muscles necessary for movement and the skills required. For whatever reason, Tobey might just not be that interested in getting around or perhaps he's fearful of it. I'm sure he'll come around very soon and you'll barely remember the days before he was running circles around you :p.

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I'm sorry they still have you worried even with him making some great improvment recently. I 2nd that confidence totally plays a huge factor with LOs start of movement. Ability can totally be there but that faith that your body will follow through and do it is huge.