Update on Us....

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Update on Us....

Charlie is doing SO much better Smile We're at about 15 1/2 lbs right now and finally starting solids. She's rolling and scooting and can almost sit up all by herself.

Monday I get another weight check on her and I get my thyroid checked to make sure that's not the root of the problem.

I hope all is well with you guys ♥

How are all of the LO's?

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Yay Charlie! You had a chunker all along. She just needed a little help to show her true colors. We miss you!

Teagan is doing awesome. I'm so busy with school, the days are melding into one big blur. Every time I look at her she seems to have grown by leaps and bounds. I need to work on inventing a way to slow time down ;).

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That is awesome news! I'm so glad she is growing and thriving!

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Glad she is thriving, she is as big as Ronin was at his 6 month appt.

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yay! Glad she's growing so well now

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Hooray for packing on the weight! Smile

Things are busy, busy, busy for us. Delaney is sitting up, rolling everywhere....the happiest baby ever!!

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Im glad she is doing so much better!!

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Really glad to hear things are going so much better! Smile

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Thanks girls Smile

I'm back at school now, so I've been super busy. Ipromise I'll be around more soon though!