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Update from us

Ugh. Grad school is seriously eating up my PG.org time. I've been reading all the threads and posting when I can but I feel like a stranger around here!

Anyway, Teagan has grown leaps and bounds in the last week. She's talking a bit now. She says mama, dada, booba (booby), doddie (dog), kitty, hi, and naaaa (no). She's also signing "more." She's up to taking about 12 steps now. Just yesterday (her 13 month-day) she went from taking 1-3 steps with significant prodding to 9-12 steps with just a small amount of encouragement. I'm not calling it walking yet as she MUCH prefers to crawl still. She's eating quite a bit more now. If you'll recall, even at a year she wasn't eating much solid food. Still nursing like its going out of style. We moved her crib to her own room a few weeks ago and she's doing OK. She still comes into our room between midnight and 2am but its a step in the right direction.

Here's some naked walking for your enjoyment. TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME!!! I need to fix that.

That's the word from Erin & Teagan land!

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I just saw that of FB! I'm so proud of her solild, confident steps!! She may prefer crawling still, but she is definitely a pro at walking.

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Wow, look at her go!

Lainey's going to try to be one of the last on the board to walk, even though she's one of the oldest. lol

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That is so cute!! She's enjoying that cheese.

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She is doing great!! Before you know it she will be getting into everything (like she isn't already, I know lol) I love that ya'll are both in the background cheering her on!

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She gets extra credit for eating and walking at the same time! It's fun watching those early moves.

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Love the video of her walking! Yay for the talking too! TFS and updating us.
Do you get a couple weeks off in December between semesters? I bet you do and are totally looking foward to that.