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Updates on me

And there are a lot of updates! Where to start . . .

Well, first of all, I will be around a lot more because I quit my job! I was just getting so frustrated with my boss, and the direction that the company was headed, and having no time at all for my kids or even to clean my house which is a disaster area and really stressing me out. Plus, I was going to have to quit or at least cut my hours significantly when I get married next year, but I just did it a little early. Smile I'm still a little nervous at how all this will play out, but I have enough savings for quite a while, plus I'm hoping to find something part-time. But I already feel way less stressed and happier, so I know it was a good decision. And I can concentrate on wedding planning . . . Biggrin

Secondly, I just found out I have to get surgery soon. Sad I've been having problems and they discovered that I have gall stones, so I will have to get my gall bladder removed. I don't know any details, but I'm going to see the surgeon on Thursday, so hopefully I will know more then.

And as if that weren't enough, I had 3 moles that the dermatologist was concerned about that they did biopsies of last week. I won't have those results back until late this week or early next, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they all turn out fine. Good thing I was planning on keeping my health insurance anyways, b/c all this will probably cost me a fortune even with insurance!

And that's all the not fun stuff. The good news is that my fiance is still absolutely wonderful and supportive, and both my kiddos are doing great. We had Lucas' 2nd bday party on Saturday, and he really enjoyed it! I have his 2 year checkup tomorrow, so I'll try and post some pics and an update after that. I know I've missed a lot while I've been working constantly, so congrats to all the new and soon-to-be new mamas, I'll try to be around more from now on!

Oh and ETA: How did I almost forget, Happy Birthday to all of our 2 year olds!!!

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Wow, you have had alot going on!! First of all, congratulations on the job situation. I'm glad you feel better and less stressed. And yay for more time to plan the wedding!!! I hear gall stones can be horrible. Sorry you are dealing with that. Hopefully the surgery will patch you up great. Sorry about the moles too. That is scary. That's crazy that it will take so long to get the results back. I'm so glad you've got such a great guy. I can't wait to see some pics!!

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Wow, glad you have insurance! Good luck with all of that!!!

And congratulations on making a big life decision--sounds like a great one!

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Wow, that's A LOT of stress going on between a not so good work situation, planning a wedding, two medical conditions, your kids and his kids, and life period! I'm glad you were able to cut out one major stressor for you! :grouphug: I've heard gallstone attacks are awful, so hopefully the upcoming surgery will help you out a bunch.

Hope to see you around here a lot more! Smile

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Wow, sorry to hear you have to have surgery, but I am sure you will feel much better after you get that taken care of. Hopefully the biopsies will all be negative.

Sounds like your job was getting really stressful, I'm happy you were able to quit. I'm sure you will enjoy having more time to spend with your kids and plan your wedding (and hang out here!)

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That's a lot going on! Good for you for making a tough choice like that and going for it. Please KUP on your surgery!