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Any LOs using utensils?

Teagan is obsessed with them. We have a little set of toddler utensils that I picked up at Whole Foods and she loves them. She really likes to stab her food with the little fork. She pretty much won't let me spoon feed her anymore. She has to hold the spoon herself. She does pretty well with it actually. Sure, its quite a bit messier than if I were to help but I think she actually eats more. I can now hand her a bowl of something and she'll go to town on it. I found that is easiest to teach her how to use a spoon with stuff that will stick to the bowl. Like hummus. That way it doesn't go spilling everywhere when she flips the bowl over.

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I haven't given Aiden anything with a spoon in a long time! He'll let us spoon feed him things like yogurt now. I've been wondering about when to try utensils with him.

I like the hummus and spoon idea. I might try that with Aiden soon since he loves hummus on pitas!

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If I put stuff on a spoon then Tobey will stick it in his mouth. He's pretty good with a fork but he gets mad because it's not getting into his mouth fast enough. I'm not worried about utensils yet. DS1 didn't manage them until he was closer to 2.5

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She will put the spoon in her mouth if I hand the spoon her her with something one it. She will hand the spoon back to me when she's ready for more. But if I hand her the bowl she will drop the spoon and dig into the bowl with her hands and then sling it in every direction. She still eats very little solids, so I will wait until she starts really eating before I worry too much about teaching her to use utensils.

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Odin loves using a spoon too. I haven't broken out our forks yet for him but I probably should. He is funny cause if it is stuff that won't just stick to the spoon then he will put it on the spoon with his fingers and then put it in his mouth. Cracks me up watching one bean at a time go on the spoon. DS1 was super big on using them as well at this age.

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Ronin is obsessed with forks so I am gpoing to have to pick some up for him. H ewill eat with a spoon but stil loves using his fingers.

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Lol, Sophie is interested in spoons n forks; but we keep forks away for now... I don't think I have any toddler ones yet. Anyways, I'll guide the spoon for Sophie while she hangs out to it, once we get it to her mouth I let her put it in her mouth all by herself and then we have like a big hoop-la for a job well done, every single spoonful Smile We'll get there w her feeding herself, but I'm not concerned as to when... she's growing up to fast as it is... Blum 3

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Lainey likes to hold/bang a spoon while eating, and chew on it, but so far hasn't attempted to feed herself. I've mostly been giving her finger foods lately.

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Once Evan starts getting full, he wants to handle the spoon. I'll just pile it on, and he'll take little bites off of it until it's gone. Then we refill. Although getting the spoon away to refill is a bit of a battle. I may have to use more than one and rotate them.

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We're still working on using the fingers for self-feeding. She'll get her spoon and fork in due time.

Cool utensil set. I just bought my older DD a tea set from that brand.

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We are just starting to use spoons and forks with Owen. He loves them and really tries to scoop/spear.
I like to pour him a bowl of Cheerios with coconut milk and let it sit for a couple minutes, then drain out most of the milk. That works well for practicing scooping.