Vaccine Documentary: "The Greater Good"

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Vaccine Documentary: "The Greater Good"

Friend of mine sent me this link. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but it's a 1.5 hours long and only free to watch till Nov 5th.

My friend says: "This is a documentary produced in conjuction with Mercola who is a heavily biased anti-vax conglom. We know that already Wink AND, the first 7 minutes is about children who were harmed and killed by vaccinating. HOWEVER, this is not an anti-vax docu, it does go to discuss children who were hurt/ killed by NOT being vaccinated and the affect that it is having on the world. It is also a lot of pro-vax interviews with Paul Offit who is the grand mack Daddy of vaccinations. Just wanted to get that out of the way..."

Definitely not trying to start a debate (though I think we've done really well with this so far), but figured I'd pass it on along since I think a few of you would be intrigued by it.