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so this vomiting thing is new to me, Since Thursday, Lucas has been vomiting on and off. he did it a whole bunch on thursday, but was perfectly fine friday until he puked late last night. He hasn't vomited yet today, but he is still off. He has also been farting a lot with some diarrhea and it smells BAD!!! i can also hear his stomach gurgling right before so i am wondering if he has some kind of stomach virus? I am not sure if i should ride it out or take him to the Dr. Other then the occasional vomiting and upset stomach he has been fairly normal. WWYD?

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I'd ride it out unless he starts not holding water down or has a huge drop in wet nappies. Then again I hate having to go to my GP and wait forever for nothing so I tend to not go until Ronin is properly sick or his puffer isn't cutting it on the chestiness.

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My first thought is a stomach virus. I've had a couple of those in the past. They suck, but after a few days I feel fine other than it takes me awhile to want to eat like normal. The worst one I had put me out for a week once. I never had any fevers or anything. I'm sure if I was a kid, I'd keep playing. lol

Hope he feels better soon! ((hugs))

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Probably ride it out unless he's not eating or drinking. As long as he's at least getting fluids. This is per my pediatrician's office. They don't care at all unless the fever has been going on for more than 3 days and she's not drinking at all.

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Yep. What everyone else said. Ride it out and pump him full of liquids. Don't worry if he doesn't eat much. Would you want to eat? Teagan's been vomiting for the past few days too. Its congestion with her but she's not eating just to torture me. She finds any reason not to eat. Not fun.

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Yep, wait it out too. Sounds like he has a little tummy bug. Poor guy.

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Well, as DS1 is the king of vomit this is what I do Smile

Make sure he can drink and give him plenty (like every 15 mins, a sip) of fluid, anything, but water is better if he'll take it. If he's not hungry don't force him to eat. He'll be fine if he doesn't eat anything for 24 hours (It's hard, mummy instinct says feed your baby, but he'll get batter quicker if he doesn't, unless he is genuinely hungry, obviously don't starve him :lol:) Unless he get's dehydrated he'll be fine in a few days. These things will usually only last 2/3 days until they start to pick up

:bighug: Hope he feels better soon

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thanks ladies, he doesn't have a fever and he has been drinking water as normal. food not so much but i havn't been forcing him. Though every time he seems cranky i have offered it in case he is hungry. This usually makes him more angry Lol

it usually coincides with coughing

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Yup, I agree with everyone else. I hope he feels better quickly.

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How's Lucas feeling?