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We have a walker!!!!

For the past few weeks, Rowan has been taking steps on her own, with a record of ten (set while chasing a bug, of course). She has now shattered that record. She's no longer just occasionally taking a series of hesitant steps. Instead, she is taking off and practically running everywhere, and I'm ready to say that she has officially become a walker.

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We are still in the hesitant steps stage here. I'm excited for her to get her extra burst of confidence and start really walking.

Yay for Rowan being a walker!! These babies are growing up so very fast! Are you planning to post a video? Pretty please?!

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Yay for having a walker.

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That's great! Sounds like she's trying to keep you in shape. Wink

(And I'm kinda glad right now that DS is no where near walking. :lol:)

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Hooray for walking!
Josie is too...She is quick, trying to get in the VENTS...I am chasing 3 now! BUT big sister does help time to time! LOL!
That siggy picture is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How exciting! She must be so happy to be getting around fast like that!

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Yay. That's great!!

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OMG! I love your siggy!! She is BEYOND precious!!! I love her!! I can't believe she's walking!! WOW!!! Way to go pretty girl Biggrin

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Yay, how exciting!

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Yay for walking! I think we've got 2-3 more months until walking, and I'm fine with that! Smile