We have a baby folks!!!

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We have a baby folks!!!

Little Birdie posted on Christa's FB this morning!

"Noah Joseph ____ made his appearance this morning at 6:41. He weighed 9lbs-14oz and measured 22-1/4 inches long. Momma and baby boy are doing fine."


I'm sooooo excited that he's here! (And woot for a boy!) She posted on her lodge an hour before he was born, so I'm guessing she was posting in transition and didn't have to push long to get her chunk out! :mrgreen:

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Off to the lodge....

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Woohoo! I already posted in her lodge, but I'll add my congrats here, too! And a boy! Makes the family score even - 2 boys and 2 girls! How fun! Smile

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aww!! Congrats Christa!!

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If you haven't yet, check out her lodge! Ended up being unassisted! lol

I'm so over the moon for you Christa! This is a huge boost for my positive thinking!

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Yahoo Congrats Christa!!

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The one time I check out for a bit, she goes and has that baby! So thrilled for her! Love the name too. I can't wait to hear all the details. I can't even express how excited I am that it was unassisted and he's HUGE!

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If Christa's two VBA2C births doesn't inspire people I don't know what will. Lol

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I had wondered if the midwife would get there, when I went to bed she was having contractions two minutes apart and saying they really hurt.

Congratulations Christa and welcome to Noah.

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Congrats Christa and welcome little Noah!

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WooHoo!! Way to go Christa! Hello to Noah!!

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Congrats Christa!!! What a big boy! WTTW Noah Smile