We have a tooth!

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We have a tooth!

Now that everyone else has a full set (or at least it seems like that :lol:), Aiden finally had his first tooth pop through earlier tonight. Yahoo My child is not going to be toothless forever! :mrgreen:
He's been more cranky than usual today, but I've been able to actively distract him for the most part. So basically a really good kid considering! I hope he does this well for the rest of his teeth. Dirol

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Hooray for teeth. Glad he is doing so well with teeth coming through. I have found overnight is sometimes the most difficult. I wouldn't feel too bad, Ronin only got his first on the 10th June, so he was about 8 and a half months old. I think there is at least one other (Odin or Tobey maybe) still waiting on teeth as well.

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yayyy!! welcome to the tooth club;) Lucas is working on his 3rd and 4th ones right now.

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Yay! Isabelle still hasn't had any pop through yet, but I'm not complaining, I'm scared of getting bit!

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Yeah, I'm not looking forward to him trying to bite me!

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Yay for chompers!

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Josie has ZERO teeth :0)
She is momma's toothless wonder:0) All my kids got theirs around 8ish months.

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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Biggrin Sophie's still in the toothless club Blum 3 Here's hoping the the next ones come in nice and easy!

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Yay for that 1st tooth!
Yep, still toothless here as well.

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Yay for teeth! Still toothless here as well.

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We are working on 4 top ones right now Sad

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I was feeling the same way...wondering is he ever going to get teeth?
This past Tuesday his 1st bottom one poked through and then this weekend his 2nd one made it's appearance!!
All in all he hasn't done too bad with things, thankfully!!

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Yay, Aiden!!! I hope they all come in so easy!

Still toothless over here, too. When I first saw this thread I thought my Lyla was the last of the mohicans on the teeth, but thank goodness I have Josie, Sophie, Odin and Lucas in the toothless club with her still! Biggrin

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WooHoo for teeth!!:wootjump:

We don't have any either, but we are about a month behind you other mamas.

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I had no idea there were so many toothless kids left! Smile

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Yay for another milestone! Number 2 is probably right behind it.

We are still gummy here. If she follows in her sisters foot steps, we have another month and a half.