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Weaning DS

Hi ladies

Well after the pedi appt, it appears EVERYONE wants me to wean DS. I totally thought the pedi would be on my side, but he just said "19 months is greaty, you did awesome, but he doesnt need it anymore." If Simon weaned himself, I would have no problem whatsoever with it. But lately he wants it so desparately. Distraction barely even works. I know I dont have much milk anymore so I'm sure it's more of a comfort thing than anything. But if I'm around, and especially sitting, all he does is whine at me until he gets to BF.

In all honesty, as much as i like bfing him, it is annoying lately due to sensitivity and I think with a newborn (mind you that wont be until december) it will be incredibly hard. If he only wanted it 1 time per day that would be awesome, but that's not the case.

Any suggestions on how to wean or at least have him down to once a day, maybe before bed? Like I said, it has gotten even worse lately and even distraction starts to wear off and then he remembers what he originally wanted. I also offere him water or milk (mostly water) when he really wants to bf, so it's not like he's thirsty. And he'll usually just refuse food or drink when he's like that.

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I don't have any suggestions on the weaning, but I just wanted to say that I'm on your side. If you don't want to wean completely then don't.

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You do whatever makes you happy. I had everyone wanting me to wean including my pedi. even though I was sad on how he weaned I was relieved. He also started wanting it all of the time...was acting like he couldn't sleep with out it.. Using it as comfort. It wasn't enjoyable for me anymore. He was being rough too. Also for me I had no plans on tandem nursing. I don't think it's wrong but I knew it wasn't for me. I didn't want to wean him shortly before the baby came and make him feel like I was refusing him only to give to the new baby. It's a hard decision but either way it's your decision. Besides distraction I don't have any advice on how.

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:grouphug: Aiden throws fits, but I tell him "boob all done right now" or "you'll get boob soon let's go do this first!" if I'm feeling all touched out. Most days he just nurses twice, but some days he wants it mid day a few times. I do have to say that the past few days the sensitivity of him latching and nursing is SO MUCH BETTER. I don't know if this will keep up, but it's no longer toe curling pain. I seriously doubt if Aiden is getting much of anything, but he's rather attached to his twice a day boob sessions (when he first wakes up and as part of our night routine), that I don't want to force him to stop those sessions. Aiden does go through phases where he suddenly wants boob a whole lot more for a week or so. It's annoying, but it's always a phases and does let up.
I really don't get why your ped says he doesn't need it. He clearly wants the comfort, the bond, and the touch if nothing else. Plus even just a drop has benefits at this point.
Good luck cutting down sessions. I think if you're able to manage that it would help you out a lot so that you're willing to continue if you both choose to do so.

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I'm sorry your getting pressure to wean. That annoyed me when my OB told me I 'had to wean' but no one else ever gave me that pressure luckily. I will say, like Jackie, that getting Odin down to 2 times per day really helped me with sesativity and feeling annoyed with it all during pregnancy. I would just do up from bed and down for nap nursing sessions and it was so much better. Those are the only times we still do now that I am nursing 2 LO's.

For Odin is was keeping busy that really kept him from not wanting other sessions, other than if he got hurt or was sick. Easier for us since we have a preschool in our home all morning so its crafts, circle time, park, and playing with other kids to keep him occupied. Also when he does get hurt we work on soothing through cuddles, words, and kisses and then I offer boob if he is still really upset. I don't have any other great advice but keeping keeping busy was what worked best for us. Hit up some playgroups, story time at the library, loads of time at the park playing with others, whatever is in your community to keep you busy during those times when he wants to nurse tons and remind him that you'll nurse at 'xyz' time later.

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For what its worth, I think your pedi is wrong. Nursing is not the problem and if anything it might be helping. Studies have shown that breastfeeding reduces the risk of obesity later in life. Besides, if he's not getting much then that little bit he's getting is not making much of an impact calorically. In fact, because BM is ready-made toddler food its still the best food for him. If he replaces BM with something with higher calories then weaning him might have the opposite effect. Don't let an ignorant MD be the reason you wean.

If you want to wean for the other reasons you mentioned, I've found the best way to cut back is to use hardcore distraction. About a month or so ago, I aimed to cut T back to 2-3 times per day. I did it by keeping her busy busy busy. Boob? No time for that we're going for a walk! Boob? Oh, but here's some markers! Pull out every trick you have up your sleeve and be prepared to do that for awhile. It took a few days (and it was pretty exhausting) but she stopped asking outside the acceptable windows. Then she got sick and her molars were popping through so we back slid. I'm honestly OK with how much she nurses now because she's not been demanding to nurse for 45 minutes each time and nursing her to sleep hasn't been an hour long ordeal.