Weight loss...

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Weight loss...

Anyone else trying to lose weight?

What are you doing? How much have you lost? What are your goals? Biggrin

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yes!! lol

Honestly, and it's probably just an excuse, but i am way too tired at the end of the day to exercise so i have just been trying to cut down on what i am eating, doing portion control and all that. I wanted to start walking on my lunch hour at work, but then i got super busy and wasn't able to. My ulitmate goal is 140, my scale this morning said 168 so i am about 5 pounds away from my pp weight. I have lost about 50 pounds since giving birth.

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I need to lose LOTS of weight....but Im pregnant! LOL! I havent really gained anything this time yet so that's good. With Simon I was probably already up 20ish lbs by now.

After this baby comes and everything has settled I need to get on it. I had those intentions initially with Simon but then with PPD and the meds weightloss was impossible it seemed! I know I can do it, while in university I lost 70 lbs within about 9 months and felt wonderful! I cant wait to do that again!!

Hopefully i dont have PPD this time becaue I am sure that had a large part of why it was so hard to lose weight. Just I was sort of settling things out and really trying to lose weight...I got pregnant! Lol We were definitely not trying but like I said, this baby was obviously meant to be!! And at least I havent gained anything!

I'm rambling now!

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Me! I'm down 5lbs so far. Same as Janice - cutting calories and portion control and having trouble exercising. *sigh* I really want to lose at least another 6lbs prior to TTC in early October and I'd love to lose more before that! Goal after next baby is to lose whatever baby weight I gain plus 50lbs!

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I was 130 before I got pregnant...206coughcoughcough at delivery...now I'm at 175...
Going to go back to 130.
Doing the adkins w/ lots of veggies and fruit in moderation.
I can't get around very well right now...but hopefully will start riding in 8ish weeks and will be able to get back in shape.

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Me. I think I would be really good with 150 or 160lbs. I am still 15lb over pre-preg weight and that was 40 or 50 from my goal weight. That means I need to lose about 65 pounds. Wow! I've been trying really hard to make sure I get some kind of physical activity in every day. I try to work out for a minimum of 30 minutes per day.

My DH is a former body builder and a total health freak so I can use him as a personal trainer when he's around.

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I really really should but I find it SO hard. I'm 182 pounds (but 5ft9 so it doesn't look as bad at it sounds lol) I recently got down to about 175lbs but the rain this summer had just been making me tired and wanting comfort food like I do in winter so I can't keep it off. I should try harder but being tired makes me want food and I have no will power Smile

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Me. I have put on a kilogram or two over winter, i currently average out around 65.5-66 kgs each day( i weigh myself morning and night and a few times in between, scales are not a healthy thing for me to have around, but i feel worse if they aren't because i can't track it). Currently i go to a walking group on the Saturday mornings that i can, but if we go out of town or anything that gets scrapped. This morning we walked about seven kms which is a good walk. Because Ronin takes so long to get to sleep at night exercise after he goes to bed is impossible

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Sarah, I thought you looked great in the last pictures of you posted on FB!

Wendy, you weigh less than I did when I got pregnant this time! Stupid moving - I always gain weight then!

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"alwayssmile" wrote:

Sarah, I thought you looked great in the last pictures of you posted on FB!

Your making me blush lol

To be fair to myself I've been the same weight since just before we got married, so a good 6ish years (obviously minus being pregnant)

I was defiantly at my thinnest over the past few years when Tobey was about 3/4 months old and feeding loads, but once he started weaning it went back on again. I think I'm destined to be the same weight forever Smile

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"alwayssmile" wrote:

Sarah, I thought you looked great in the last pictures of you posted on FB!

Wendy, you weigh less than I did when I got pregnant this time! Stupid moving - I always gain weight then!

I weight a lot less niw than i did when i got pregnant with Ronin. I can stand on the scales with Ronin and still not quite reach the weight i was when i got pregnant with him. I just need to keep it off and tone up, or get pregnant again because then it is acceotable to put weight on. Once i get down to the weight i am now i have to work really hard to stay at it and i guess because Ronin isn't feeding as much as he was i need to get back to working hard to maintain

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Well, obviously I can't really work at losing weight, but I am working at trying to eat healthy and exercise when I can. So far I'm 11-12 weeks (my midwives haven't agreed on when my "due date" is, not that it really matters! lol) and haven't gained so far. They are having me write down my diet for one week so we can look at how much protein I'm getting, and I may just keep recording my diet after that. It is definitely making me think twice before I put something in my mouth, because I know I'm going to have to show someone else what I've been eating!

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Oh my goodness the last few weeks have been BAD. I need to get back into shape before TTC. That means losing about 5 lbs and just toning up in general. I won't be happy if I get pregnant in the shape I'm currently in.

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Have you ever try to follow a healthy diet plan and try to do some exercise like cardio or aerobics??? If no hen must try to do this. It is really nice and most helpful way to weight loss. Make sure that you take balanced diet and avoid to eat fast food.