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I thought this needed it's own thread Smile

Tobey is potty trained Yahoo

I never thought it would happen this quick or soon but we started last Tuesday and he's not had a real accident since day 2!! He poop'd himself on Sunday because DS1 was on the toilet pooping too (it was just a huge poop fest for 5 minutes!!) but he cried a lot and kept saying "sorry mummy". I felt really sorry for him.

He also wakes up dry in the morning. DS1 did the same thing but I never thought I could be this lucky twice!!

Actually, I know it's really pathetic but I washed my cloth nappies last Monday and on Tuesday he out right refused to put a nappy on and when it got to Thursday and he was asking to go potty when we were out I realised I might have washed my cloth nappies for the last time and it made me sad lol

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That's awesome! Go, Tobey!

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Way to go Tobey. It doesn't sound pathetic about the diapers. If it was going to be your last time, at least you could have been prepared for it without having that overachiever go and get trained so quickly. Blum 3

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Definitely deserves it's own thread! Congratulations!! I'm totally jealous.

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Congratulations!!!! I hear you on the mixed emotions about putting the cloth up. I've been dragging on putting the last few bits away. I imagine I'll cry a lot when I put them away after Sprog.

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yay Tobey!! wtg!!

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WTG Tobey!!! That is awesome!

Ok, I will be sad too one day when I put up my cloth diapers. I love them. Currently cursing the solid food/teething poop Archer is depositing in them though.

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Awe that's great! Congrats to him. Biggrin Hope it's that easy for Aiden once I'm willing to tackle it again. lol

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WTG, Tobey!

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Yay Tobey! That's great!