We're ready for steak! (and a vent)

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We're ready for steak! (and a vent)

I don't know where else to vent, sorry!

I have to work full-time this week and next week because my co-worker broke her arm and I work for my dad so, that's what happens. It's kicking my tail. I get up at 4am every morning to exercise and do my school work because I'm in college full-time through University of Phoenix and then I have to get kids ready, drop one off at preschool, go to work, twice a week go to the gym during my lunch and the other days I have to clean during my lunch (by the way I live 20 minutes from work so it's an awesome commute...) and my husband works nights so I have the kids at night and I'm just EXHAUSTED. That's not my vent.

My MIL and mom have been having to babysit my oldest and Emma while I'm at work. My MIL does Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wed pm and my Mom did Wed am and will do Fri all day this week and they both have different schedules with similar hours next week. I used to have REAL issues with my MIL when I first got married and now I am remembering why. I had my oldest as a baby just after we got married and experienced what I am experiencing now only it is making me more upset this time around. She SUCKS with babies! I come home and Emma is DYING for me. She has food all over her (even though she has been "cleaned" already), generally has a wet/dirty diaper that isn't a recent one, her high chair is CAKED wit food and I mean it looks like it took days to get like that and she NEVER makes a mess with me besides maybe a dribble on her bib or something. The house is a DISASTER. Two days ago she didn't even have her nap from 12pm til I got home at 6! Emma was so overtired and cranky, it was HORRIBLE. AND she gave her a full bottle at 3:30, which she rarely takes full bottles and NEVER that late in the day, so she wouldn't eat dinner. That was my son's birthday and it was completely ruined because I had to tend to her and it was just...oh I was so mad. I feel like she does the least amount possible to take care of her and that's it. I can't wait to be back home! Today my husband has her and tomorrow my mom has her, my mom is FAR better. But I am going to be so stressed next week when MIL has her again. Oh, and her coming in the "morning" to watch her is 11am. That isn't really morning. My husband works 6pm-6am and she makes him stay up five extra hours to wait for her lazy butt and then he has to get up multiple times during his sleep time because Emma is upset with MIL and she doesn't know how to make her happy. So ridiculous. :bigangry::bigangry::bigangry:

On a happy note...Emma popped two teeth yesterday!!! No one noticed but me somehow but Yahoo

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omg sounds like my MIL:rolleyes: can your dh say anything to her? i would be so angry! yay for Emma getting teeth! :bighug:

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I doubt it. That's why he wakes up through-out the day. I gave Emma a bath last night and trimmed her nails and she seemed so happy afterwards! Gee, weird how she likes to be clean, fed, and happy...

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That sounds just awful!! :bighug: Sorry you are having to deal with that. Yay for new teeth!!

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Yikes.. Is there anyway for your mom to watch her extra instead?? Or even a friend? I think I would be upset too and probably have dh talk to her?

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At least the MIL babysitting is temporary. I can see how it would be frustrating coming home to that.

Can I say WOW to your schedule? Cleaning and working out during lunch? Getting up at 4 a.m.? You're super woman. Smile

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Yes! I forgot to add that too!! Crazy schedule.. I think somethings gotta go until you can start working from home again.. I vote housework!!

And how are you liking UOP? I have been going online for the past year. I have about 6 more classes and Im done..

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"PeanutGirl" wrote:

Can I say WOW to your schedule? Cleaning and working out during lunch? Getting up at 4 a.m.? You're super woman. Smile

This! I mean WOW! I want to make you a super hero cape! :notworthy:

Sorry it's so rough with MIL. I can't believe she wouldn't take better care of her grandbaby. I would be uncomfortable with either my mom or MIL watching Lyla for a long period, but for totally different reasons. I would say talk to her, but I'm guessing that she's been given the play-by-play on how to keep her happy. I'm sorry that she isn't letting your DH get his sleep either. The woman has some respect issues, for sure.

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I hope the rest of this messed up time goes by fast. Have any friends you can call in favors to or owe later on? Wink
My ILs refuse to change diapers. Yet they say they'll babysit when I'm in town later this month. Ummmm....if you don't change diapers, how can you babysit? Lol

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wow, that sounds aweful!!!

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I am so sorry to hear you are going through this - and I don't blame you one bit for being concerned and stresed for this up-coming week!! What is w MIL's?!?!?! Mine's a bit wonky too... Lol

I would try talking to your DH to see if he can talk to MIL or I would look into your mom watching her an extra day or two if possible.

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I'm so sorry that MIL is so poor at taking care of Emma. Man that would be frustrating. Poor baby. Maybe there is a high school girl (like babysitter) that can come a few hours to 'help out' the days that MIL is there. Give her a mission to keep Emma clean and happy.