"We've got at least 5 girls to get knocked up" - Chat Thread 25!!

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It's a little late since the 4th was earlier this week, but LMAO:

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I pulled my jersey i got in grade twelve out to wear today because it's a bit chilly with the rain, it's actually a liitle baggy. When they were bought and washed they shrank so it was a bit tight in grade 12, so this means my 28 yo self is smaller than my 17 yo self.

Ronin is down for a nap ( i bribed him and said if he had a long sleep he would have a shirt wait for daddy) so my choices are faff about on here or do some housework, mostly a quick vacuum and mop seeing as hubby did heaos the other day. I just thought of option c, have a nap, i am exhausted this week has wrecked me