What did Santa bring?

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What did Santa bring?

It's Christmas eve here so getting in early so it's quick and easy to upload an put pics in tomorrow after Santa pays a visit.

So share, what did Santa bring this year?

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This is the nice civilized time when Santa has just packed the Santa sack before sneaking it back into Ronin's room (on another note I am glad we bought the extra large one, there is a train set in there that takes up a fair bit of room with the box.)

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Right after Santa left:

Zoe with three of her presents:

Playing with his train set from Santa:

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The girls (including baby to be) got a doll house from Santa. From us, DD1's big gift was the baby butterscotch Fur Real horse. Lainey's was the Fur Real Bouncy puppy. They both got books, playdoh, and a few other smaller things. They got a million other items from grandparents, uncles, and various other family members.

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Madison's big gift was the Bitty Baby by American Girl and an art easel. She also got playdoh, puzzles, books and some other goodies. And things from grandparents, friends, etc.
She actually was totally over opening presents after about 5 of them today. So I actually had to help open them. What kid does that?!

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Molly, i had to open most of Lucas' gifts. not interested at all!

He got A TON of clothes which i was happy about. I think my favourite gift he got was from my dad. It is a turtle with little stars on it's back and when you turn the lights off it makes little stars and moons on the ceiling. He loves it!

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Ohh I've seen them Janice and I think they look so cool. Ronin was spolit, he got some play dough and chalk from Santa, along with a train, some books, a placemat, a pillow pet and a ball, along with the swings and trampoline. From family he got a battery operated quad bike, two toy workbenches, more books and an etch a sketch. My Dad felt bad as he only had time to go to one of the cheap shops on like Christmas eve because of everything going on and got Ronin a train, a punching bag, beach toys and a cricket set. He still has more gifts to come from some other family we didn't see on the day as well. You have been warned, lots of photos

Not a Christmas present, but this is where he spent most of the day

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Tobey got cars, trains and Duplo and a magnetic drawing set which was about $1 but it's his favourite present. He's really into art so I can see a lot of art supplies in his future gifts (he's like me for that. There is a photo of me when I was about 30 months old sitting on the potty drawing a picture of a cat, and you can tell it's a cat. Tobey keeps drawing faces. I can see what he's trying to do but the bits are all in the wrong place Lol Totally digressed there Smile )

DS1 got a ton of Lego. I'm regretting it now

Both boys should have had bikes but DS1's bike is faulty so we need to take it back so they didn't get them. We are going to tell them that Santa couldn't fit them in his sleigh

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Christmas was a HUGE, HUGE success with this girl. From Santa, Adair got one of those nice toddler pianos (red) and a stocking with lots of fun little things like nail polish and candy. A BIG hit was one of those little magnetic doodle pads for the car--it was one of DH's secret santa gifts from work, and we just stuck it in her stocking at the last minute. Win!

From us she got a backpack (which she really wanted), and a bunch of little things (sparkly pink shoes, bunny slippers, letter building toys, tea set, new towel, etc.)

From one grandma, she got a sandbox, and from the other, a dollhouse. Both major, major successes.

She's been playing with everything, even the crappiest little stuff. It's adorable. And now that she GETS the idea of presents...watch out. She pretty much hasn't stopped asking to open presents since the moment she opened her last one yesterday. Lol

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Isabelle got a toy chest from us and she will be getting a play ice cream set, a wooden donut set and a wooden train set when we do our family gift exchange this weekend. She got books, a baby doll and a baby doll feeding set, some real kitchen items (measuring spoons, cups, spatula since she always wants to steal mine when I am cooking) and some clothes from my parents and she got a Minnie Mouse doll with a talking hair bow from my sister and more clothes from my brother and other sister. She also got various clothes and small toys/books from our other relatives as well as money which will go into a savings account for her.

We spread out the gift opening over a few days because she only is good for opening so many-she wants to stop and play with each one as she opens them and too many at once at this age is really too much-much more fun to spread it out.

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We don't really do Santa, so Rowan knows her gifts were from us. Unfortunately, what she got was a half-finished dollhouse. She loves it and still plays with it, but it's missing a few key elements, like a roof. We hope to get it done tonight or tomorrow.

Yesterday I was asking her about her presents, and she couldn't tell me what she received from Mama and Papa, so I told her to look behind her (because she was standing about two feet away from the dollhouse). She looked around, kind of confused, then got this big grin on her face, shouted "a screwdriver!" and picked up the screwdriver that DH had left on the floor. So I guess we could have saved ourselves a lot of trouble and just given her that.

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Ds got a train table..a play bbq grill.. tball set.. cars.. a play tent..a new hat..pjs..
One of his grandmas got him a toddler drum set.. its pretty loud but he loves it and its adorable.

Both kids got books as well. New baby got a taggie blanket..rattle thing..teethers..and his activity play mat for the floor.

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Lucas got a train set too from Santa. It's the Melissa & Doug one, and looks pretty much like the pic Jackie posted. I had it all set up like that too, and he had it demolished within minutes! I actually used the rest of his bday money to buy the Melissa & Doug Activity Table to set it up on, I just haven't gotten around to putting it together. Once I do I'm hoping he will play with it a ton. From me he got the Melissa & Doug mailbox which he absolutely loves, and keeps having to fight his sister away from it, lol. Also a monster bowling set, a toy broom, dustpan, vacuum set, a firetruck, a couple of wooden puzzles, some movies, and I forget what all else. My fiance & I ended up opening most of his gifts b/c he could care less about opening them.

Lily on the other hand LOVED opening presents and wanted to know why she couldn't have more :roll: From Santa she got the Disney Princess Dream Castle (which is huge! taller than she is!) and from my fiance all the Disney Princess dolls to go w/ it. I gave her some Barbie stuff. Her interactive baby dolls were a huge hit too, along with a ton of other stuff she got. So much stuff! Soooo glad it's over! Smile

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We had the train set set up all fancy with bridges and such Veronica (he got a M&D set plus a small Thomas set that I found at Ross for $13). And he kept breaking it. lol. Right now the track pieces are all in a bin in our play space. He keeps digging out the trains and playing with them without the rails. My husband has decided he's going to build a trail table that will slide under his bed (or it can sit out in the play area too). I think if the tracks aren't in a bin they'll be used more.

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We went to DH's parents the weekend before. Santa brought him a John Deere pedal tractor with a trailer. He loved it! He is so into tractors and big trucks right now. Santa at our house brought him a kitchen, his eyes got so big when he saw it. Then he got a few more tractor toys, hot wheels with ramp sets, books, puzzles, pjs, toy story mr potato head dolls, bumper car from my mom (all three kids got one to play at her house) (they are little ride on cars), and a pooh pillow pet that he calls "poop". We still have two gifts he hasn't opened. Just wasn't into it. Definitely not into the stockings.