What do you buy on Etsy?

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What do you buy on Etsy?

What do you buy most on Etsy? What would you buy on Etsy or what do you think would be a great selling item to see listed there?

I know you can get pretty much anything on Etsy already, but I'm pretty crafty sometimes and am looking for ideas on what else I could make to sell there.

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I buy entirely too much on Etsy because I am not crafty but I like crafty stuff. What I buy is pretty variable. Whatever you sell, I would recommend having the option to personalize things. I love it when vendors work with me to make the perfect thing.

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I used to but wooden toy things. Like wooden painted matching games. Also kid craft kits. I'll find examples

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Oh pretty much anything. Bibs ;), quilts (if this LO is a girl I want a girly quilt!), wooden toys, felt toys, mama pads, diapers (well, mostly stalk and crave only), cloth wipes, nursing pads, party supplies, crochet hats, reusable "paper towels", reusable snack bags, my Beansling MT, and I;m sure there's more. I'm slowly making WAHMs rich since I can't make diddly squat.

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I used to buy crocheted stuff, but then I learned to crochet so I make my own stuff now!
I am going to eventually buy personalized Mickey mouse shirts when we take our Disney trip - hopefully next year! I think anything personalized would sell well.

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I buy purses/bags. And toys for Rowan. Also, for my birthday each year, I usually go through and favorite a few things I want, then Dh buys me one of them (and most of the time he accidentally does it through my account, so I get the confirmation email, and then he gets all disappointed that it wasn't a surprise).

I like to buy things that I can't make myself, so I don't get anything knit or crocheted, though I have bought patterns there. If you're particularly good at making a certain item and are able to write up a pattern for it, then I would sell that.

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I bought Madison's 1st bday invites on there, $10 and the lady customized them with the info and her pic and sent me the file, took her 2 days I thought it was awesome. I've also bought stuff for my Thirty-One Business on there too. Good things there too.
I have looked at a ton more things on there, just never got them.

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Not really ever used etsy because it gets pretty expensive for international postage, but things I like looking at from wahm are piddle pads, change mats, bibs, some clothing ( mostly girls because there isn't much for boys). I love it when i come across great cute things for boys, but there seems to be so little