What songs does your bub like?

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What songs does your bub like?

Ronin is showing real excitement over some songs lately. The other day on tv they had an interview with Meatloaf and played Bat out of hell and you should of seen Ronin go crazy, him arms were flailing and and he was "singing" and bouncing with a huge smile. Then they were playing Justin Bieber's Baby yesterday and sadly Ronin again got very excited. My Dad has also sung a song to him since he was little called The mouse in the windmill and it came on the cd we have on at the moment and he again got really excited. What's also exciting about that one is he recognises it in both English and Dutch.
So anyone seeing any musical preferences from their bub lately?

I tried to get a video of his reaction to songs he likes, but he saw the camera and proceeded to crawl over to me to try and get the camera, but I'll keep trying, it's pretty cute

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I haven't noticed her especially liking any particular song, but I've noticed there are some that she doesn't like. If they are really loud or metal types, she gets this offended look on her face. Cute.

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Tobey is not interested in music.. His brother was bopping away at this age (I have videos of him dancing) Tobey just sits there, not interested at all

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no interest here either. though sometimes it calms him

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I don't think there's any particular song Sophie likes; but we have noticed she'll sorta bop/rock back n forth along when she hears music Smile It's super cute!!

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Teagan has really picked up on music in the last month or so. She's a classic rock kinda girl. Ozzy's War Pigs came on and I swear she was headbanging. But really anything with a clear beat is awesome for her. She shakes her butt, smacks her hands on the table, or bobs up and down when she's standing. It's so stinking cute. I really should try to catch it on tape too.

ETA: She and Rowan went to see belly dancers 2 weeks ago and Teagan was dancing up a storm. She flung herself back on the bar table and bonked her head! Crazy girl. Rowan was like, "Chick, control yo self."

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"TiggersMommy" wrote:

Rowan was like, "Chick, control yo self."


Aiden isn't showing interest in music. In fact, it puts him to sleep. There's a rock band made up of pilot students on base and every single time they put him to sleep! Doesn't matter if it's Tom Petty, Weezer, Eagles, or Eminem....they all will eventually put him to sleep!

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Someone gave him a baby beatles cd. He'll clap and bounce to it. Smile

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Odin really likes all the kid songs we sing during the day at preschool. He loooves the 'Baby Bumble Bee' song. Not too into other music. DS1 used to be into Bob Marley and Jimmy Hendrix as a baby. It was so funny.

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Simon loves any show theme song. He has to stop whatever he's doing to watch and listen!!!

When it was xmas time and shopping in stores, he'd usually be sleeping in his stroller but would curl up his nose to the music in the stores that played dance music! Lol

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The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, AC DC, Ozzy, Guns N Roses, The Killers, Panic! At the Disco, Lady Gaga, the list is long and Charlie's tastes are a bit eclectic lol.