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Thread: What's in your kids rooms?

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    Livy and Ethan share a room. They seem to like it better that way.

    There is a twin bed, a crib, a dresser they share, a tall bookshelf 3/4 full of kids books and that's it. They bring toys in and out but we only allow a toy or two at nighttime (mommy approved). Too many toys meant that Ethan never napped or slept! ha ha The closet is full of clothing, blankets, sheets and art supplies.

    The changing table is in the spare room with the train table and there is a pack n'play for Livy to sleep in upstairs during nap since they don't nap together.

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    Addy's room is pretty small (maybe around 10x10?) but fits her crib, a bookshelf, a tiny skinny shelf with her shoes and a few other things on it, a rocking chair, a big dresser with changing pad on top, and DH's tiny old children's desk, with a couple of bins of toys underneath and a huge bin and stacks of clothes she's outgrown on top of it...(need to go through all of that and pass it along! I'm only keeping the very most precious stuff in each size.) In her closet is one of those hanging sweater shelves with all of her blankets and extra bedding and such, with dresses hanging next to it. When she moves up to a big bed, we will have to get rid of the rocking chair, but it was mine as a baby so I'm kind of avoiding dealing with that!

    Her room kind of took shape over time, since her crib was in our room for the first year--before that it was a guest bed in there, and then we moved that out and had a pack n play for napping for a while.
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    Evan's room has his crib, two bookcases (they hold books and toys), a dresser, rocker/ottoman/, clothes hamper, and some extra toys that are against a couple walls. I keep most of his clothes, all shoes, and extra diapers in the closet. We have been looking at "big boy" furniture, but it will still consist of about the same type of furniture.

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    Her bed, dresser a bookshelf and a ridiculous amount of toys scattered all over.

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    Lainey has her crib, glider/ottoman, bookcase, dresser and changing table which is really another low dresser. She has some toys in there and lots of books.

    DD1 has a full bed, dresser, bookshelf, a desk, toybox and way too many toys in her room.

    While we're waiting for number 3, we're going to have to do some serious rearranging. DD1 and DD2 will be sharing a room, so we'll have to decide what we're going to do in there. #3 will pretty much just move into Lainey's room as-is.

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    Isabelle has a dresser and crib on one wall, glider in the corner, toddler size reclining chair and changing table on the wall opposite the crib and a storage cube thing in her closet. I have storage bins under the crib and she has a couple of small bassinet baskets and a cradle that hold various dolls, books and stuffed animals.Her room is the only room in our house that is "decorated", It is yellow and green with a stuffed animal boarder that is gender neutral so I can use the room for a boy without redecorating it should we have one at some point.
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