Where do you change diapers?

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Where do you change diapers?

Recently on the April '12 BB we had a thread that talked about nursery necessities and several BTDT moms stated they NEVER used the changing table! :eek: In my house this is the only place that diaper changes happen. It's diaper central! I have my wipes, diapers, cream, everything right there and it's the perfect height that I don't have to stoop, bend, squat to change diapers. So if you don't use the changing table, where do you change diapers and it be convenient?

I am starting to nest now and I'm getting ready to move all the 'baby' stuff back into our room to rebuild my nursery area for our son. I could take Lyla in there to change her diapers, but she's really outgrown the changing table and I'm afraid that it could break under her weight. (I don't know what the weight limit is for it).

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I had all the changing "area" set out for DS1 but I stopped using that when he was about 4 months old and I've never changed Tobey on a changing table, except when we are out Smile

All the nappies are upstairs but the wipes/cream are down stairs under the coffee table so I just change him on the floor.

Upstairs-fetch clean nappy
downstairs-change nappy
upstairs-take dirty nappy and put in nappy bin.

If I had somewhere downstairs I could put a changing table I would have one downstairs but there is no space and I got fed up of taking DS1 up and down all day so I found this easier Smile

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I use the change table if I'm up in his room, like in the morning or night. But often i just change him on the floor (with a change pad of course). I have diapers, wipes and cream down in our laundry room closet that is off our living room so it's convenient. I still like having the change table though.

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I change on either the change table or the lounge room floor. Ronin is so squirmy at some changes, especially in the evenings that I am worried he will squirm his way off the change table.

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I used my changing table for DD1 up until she was potty trained, which means she was almost 3 and on it! I just find it an easy position to change a diaper and it keeps the kids from crawling away from me. For DD2 we are in a 2 story house, so if we are upstairs, changes get done on the changing table, and if we are down stairs, we lay down a changing pad on a leather ottoman type thing that we have and I have a diaper caddy next to it. Once again, I use that instead of the floor so she can't crawl away from me. Some kids would still try to get away, I imagine.

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Our "changing table" is a changing mattress and cover on top of the dresser in Evan's room. That used to be the place to change him most of the time. Now we use it for during the night and sometimes first morning wake up diapers. After bath, we usually put a towel down on the couch, where we lotion, dry, and change him. Other times, we usually put him on our bed and change him. It usually happens in there when we are changing his clothes too. All of the diaper stuff is on his dresser with the diapers, but he moves so much that we just don't use it anymore. Our house is one level, so it's no big deal to go grab a diaper and wipe and just change him wherever.

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99% of the time I use the changing mattress that's on top of Aiden's dresser to change his diapers. I have his cloth diapers stored right next to his dresser along with his butt cream, cloth wipes, etc. I had to change Aiden on the floor at my parents house for the past two weeks and I hated it with a passion! I hated having to lean way over. I hated that he crawled away most of the time! I really can't imagine not having a changing station of some sort.

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Im one of those moms that dont see the point of a changing table unless its a change after a nap or sleep. I usually just do it on the floor or couch. When Natalie was a newborn I had a mattress on top of the dresser and used that. Since my house is two stories, I am tooooo lazy to go upstairs to change her in her room.

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I used to use the change table when I lived in a one storey place, but now my house has 2 stories and I am 28 weeks pregnant I just change Brookelyn either on the floor or couch. Much easier than going up stairs to her room to change her. I could also put myself and my baby in danger if I don't listen to the Dr. I am not even supposed to be lifting her, so going up and down stairs with her is a BIG NO in their books. I do what I have to though to make things work for us. My bathroom is upstairs and so are all the bedrooms. So I can't avoid the stairs even if I wanted to.

Her wipes, cream, and diapers are both up and down stairs so I can change her where ever we may be in the house.

I am still debating where my changing station will be once the baby comes in Feb.

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we don't have a changing table. 99% of the time we use the couch

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Nearly all diaper changes occur on our change table when we're at home. She's just too squirmy to change her anywhere else. Sometimes if she's just wet, I'll change her as she's running around the house ;). Her change table is a dresser so the only way she'll outgrow it is length-wise. As it is, her ankles occasionally hit the lip of the table when I plop her up on it.

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I'm one of those BTDT mom's that has never owned or used a changing table. We had the soft changing mat on top of a dresser when DS1 was tiny but I hated it even then. Maybe cause we lived in 2 story houses most of the time. With DS1 it was always the floor. With Odin it is the couch downstairs or my bed upstairs. I have all my diapers and diaper 'stuff' in baskets in both of those areas.

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We have a changing table in dd's room upstairs. When she was still sleeping with us, I always changed her on our bed or in the pack n play next to our bed. I also had a bassinet downstairs that I had wipes in that I would change her in if I was downstairs.

Once she moved to her crib, I started using her changing table and I will go upstairs to change her if it is poopy. If she just has a wet diaper, I will change her downstairs in the bassinet which we still have downstairs (although she is almost too long to do that anymore) or on the floor. I don't like to use the floor because she tries to get away when I do that. I will also changer her wet diapers on our bed in the morning since she comes into our bed for a morning nurse. I personally really like the changing table, I have all the stuff right in one place and I don't have to get down on the floor or bend my back at an uncomfortable angle like the other places, plus she holds still on the changing table. The floor is pretty much impossible to change her on as she thinks it is play time if I am down on the floor with her.

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We use our changing table to hold clean, folded clothes before they get put away. She gets changed on a pad on the floor.

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I can't imagine not using a changing table. I used it w/ DD until she was almost 2, then when she finally outgrew it I changed her on a blanket on the floor until she was potty trained. By that time she was old enough to actually stay put when I told her. When we are at my parents house, which is frequently, or out and about I usually change him on the bed and he is constantly squirming away. He thinks it's funny. I hate it. At least on the changing table I can get him to stay there, for a little while anyways.

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I would say I use my change table 95-98% of the time to change Sophie. I don't really like doing it anywhere else. She's squirmy and if I try to change her elsewhere she gets all curious to what's going on around her and can get all crazy on me. I think she understands what the change table is for, cause she tends to be quieter and not move around as much when I have her up and on it. Annnnd I totally have EVERYTHING right there for me; whereas if I change her on the floor, I'm running around or asking DD1 to go grab me this and that... turns out to be more work...

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I have no ideas for you, because I cannot imagine not changing Madison on her changing table/dresser. For all of those accidents or really big messes....wow... hahah

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"redneckgirl82884" wrote:

I have no ideas for you, because I cannot imagine not changing Madison on her changing table/dresser. For all of those accidents or really big messes....wow... hahah

I can't either. And especially as I get bigger, I don't want to be stooping or getting down on the floor for diaper changes. I'm going to get DH to reinforce the one we have so I can use it for both kids until Lyla is potty trained. Everything I do need or might possibly need is right there at Diaper Central.