Where is my good eater/sleeper?!?!?

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Where is my good eater/sleeper?!?!?

Hey ladies
Well ever since Simon had that stomach bug things have not been the same, and it sucks. He is such a picky eater now!!!!! And he barely eats compared to before. He will only eat his favourites and only a bit at that. He wont try anything new at all. Before he would always be willing to take a taste, even if he just spit it out. Now he immediately throughs new stuff on the floor. Sad
And despite not napping much today since we were busy, he's still up there awake and whining. Normally he'd be out in a second after a day like today. But nope! ERG!!!

Also so incredibly whiny and temper tantrumy lately!!!! He breaks down at the littlest things. And I do mean breaks down, like you're stabbing him or something!!!

At least he's drinking ok, and is still nursing relatively normallly, but that isnt much since he has been weanign off a bit lately.

I hope this phase passes quickly!!! He cant live on oatmeal and grilled cheese alone!

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Welcome to my life! Lyla has always been a very picky eater, but she's been going through a sleep-strike phase lately where she won't STTN anymore. It's gotten a smidge better, recently.

I bet Simon still has some yuckiness left from the stomach bug and maybe feels like certain things are going to upset his stomach. I know when I don't feel good, I also have trouble getting comfortable to sleep, so maybe he's got some of that still going on. Whatever it is, I hope he gets past it soon so you can get your normal life back. I totally feel your pain!!

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poor Simon Sad

we go through those phases every once in awhile too. I hope he feels better soon and gets back to normal

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It might be just the age - Lainey is going through the same phase. Don't worry, he won't starve himself! Toddlers love to go through phases where they pig out regularly, then alternate with phases where they eat next to nothing. It will pass, but it is frustrating!

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Its probably somewhat of a phase. DD has decided that she must have applesauce every day. She normally will eat other things too, but she just had a bad cold with a fever the last few days and while she was sick, she would not eat anything except applesauce. She didn't even want a lot of milk which she normally loves, not that I blame her for that because I don't like dairy when I have a cold either. Now she is feeling better but she still won't eat her normal food unless I give her applesauce and sneak in bites of the other food in between bites of applesauce. Picky eating phases are frustrating, hopefully Simon will go back to normal soon.

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I'm wondering if it's just a phase at this point. Aiden refused to eat anything for lunch today. Yes, my kid refused to eat. lol. He's been doing that more and more recently where he just doesn't want to eat anything I give him. Oh well. When he's hungry enough he breaks down and eats (just not as much as he was). :roll:

We've entered the hold-on-to-mom's-leg-and-try-to-trip-her phase. And God forbid if I don't understand what he wants (common occurrence since he doesn't care to talk and won't sign half the time). He collapses on to the floor. Or scream. Or both.

We have good days and bad days. Mostly I try not to get personally offended and laugh at him when he's not looking b/c of how ridiculous he is at times. Blum 3