Where are your kids sitting to eat?

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Where are your kids sitting to eat?

Are you still using a high chair for your LO? A booster seat?

Lyla is in a regular chair. She's really too short for it, but she absolutely refused to sit in her booster anymore and we hadn't used her high chair for her for a long time now.

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We have THIS that sits on a chair at our dining room table. Gives him that bit of boost he needs. Without it he's a lot messier of a eater and refuses to eat anything out of a bowl because he can't see into the bowl then. lol. It's super easy to clean and has worked well with traveling.

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Ronin sits at his toddler table and has since he was a year old. We are having some mixed results lately, he used to sit there great but now not so good, he wants to sit on my lap and eat my meal not his.

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he is still in his highchair. thats the only way he will eat on his own and use utensils.

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booster at the table. It works pretty well for us. She's too short to sit in a regular chair without the booster.

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he has one of those highchairs that sits on the chair.

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We have a highchair still, but its a bigger sized one- fisher price. She fits in it great still. But we have thought about going to a booster soon.

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Lainey has the high chair that sits on a chair. We just push it straight up to the table, no tray. So, basically a booster seat.

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Lucas has the Fisher Price booster that has a tray and I can strap him into. Sometimes he eats there, and sometimes he sits at his sister's toddler-sized table and chairs to eat. If it's something messy and I want him to stay still, I strap him in the booster. If I don't care if he gets up and runs around 50 times while eating then he sits at the table.

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Teagan hasn't been really sitting to do any sort of eating lately. She doesn't want to sit in her highchair. She doesn't want to sit in her bumbo on the floor or on a chair. She doesn't want to sit in a chair. She wants to sit in my lap and nurse through dinner. :mad:

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Booster at out table since about 9 months.

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We still use a highchair.

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High chair still. DS1 was on a normal chair by now but he wouldn't eat when he was in the high chair. Tobey is quite happy where he is so I'm happy for him to stay there

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Chloe is usually in her high chair. She is on a food strike right now, so I have been letting her start in the high chair then I let her out and hand her something she likes to eat, like right now I gave her one of her chicken nuggets. She is almost done with it... oh these kids! I want to get them a toddler sized table. I do not have a dinning room, so no big table for us. Sucks, I hate this tiny apartment.

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We are still using our highchair, although she doesn't usually sit through a whole meal. She starts in the highchair, then wants down and will come to the table to take a bite before running off to play.

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I think one thing that helps us is daycare still has her in a highchair for every meal. And they have been great all along about her staying in that chair until her meal is done. So we do the same here. They won't take her out of a highchair there until around 2-3. Because it's what works for them.