The "Who Is Getting Knocked Up Next?" Chat Thread 24

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Yay Wendy! He'll start standing soon. Seems like boys sit for a short period of time and then start standing if they have a stool. Public potties they have to sit though. I once tried holding DS1 up the the toilet while he peed (he was little) and ended up with poop all down the leg of my pants. Lesson learned, have them sit on public potties!

I'm so excited for all you TTC-ers out there! DH keeps bringing up #4 already. Um, hold your horses man I'm so not even out of the trenches yet. I'll happily stalk all you baby mamas out there for the next year and a half before I'm back on that wagon.

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I could but that could be awkward for me having to go into the men's toilets so he can use a urinal, he still hasn't got the stand to pee concept either.
Happy anniversary, while you are out having fun have a birthday drink for me, it's my birthday next week and i was supposed to be on holidays but now will be at work and home alone that night with Ronin's. There probably won't even be wine

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Ooh! Ooh! Maybe we can do Teagan playdate for you for your anniversary! Let's chat Smile I have no real plans other than Sunday hobby day (until around 4:00) and my grandmother's husband's memorial service tomorrow (:()

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Wow y'all have been chatty today! lol.

First of all, sex? There's very little over here because my husband goes to bed right after Aiden most nights. Seriously in less than an hour, he's asleep in our bed. There's no other time! I'd love to have more sex, but I can't convince the man to give up his sleep for it. :roll: The big difference I've noticed between DS's pregnancy and this one is that I have a sex drive and that I haven't turned into a desert down there! I think this is great, but DH is NOT taking advantage of this at all!!! Blum 3

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Adair was so excited to be back at school yesterday. It was just her and her current favorite boyfriend all morning, and apparently she was so happy she was running around the room with toys randomly stopping and just shouting like a drunk fratboy Lol She also said "Mick's cute!" a couple of times--her teacher asked me if she knew that word, which she did indeed start using out of nowhere (right after she sat up from that nap on the beach last week, actually. Must have been a good one!) ROFL We're in trouble!!!!!

Yep, definitely in trouble!!!

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Wendy, hurry up and ovulate already! Then you can be on March 2013 with me. And regardless of which board you end up on, you know you will have lots of VBAC cheerleaders here.

Ditto. Wendy, you'll have tons of cheer leaders over here to keep you going! In fact I'm counting on all of these ladies (and you!) to keep me thinking and informed as I near the end. I know i"m going to need it!

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C'mon Janice - join the preggo club! And you don't have to chart/temp to observe fertility signs - you just can't ignore those because some of the most obvious stuff is right there in front of you. Lol

Apparently I got pregnant just by forcing DH to have sex whenever I noticed clear CM. Lol

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WHAT?! Woman!! You need to read it. I know Jackie isn't a big fan of it.... but I was! It's Kinky haha

Nope, I'm not. I'm perfectly okay with sex books. Love them. Read them all the time. Blum 3 I just hate the writing and all the childish emails from supposedly grown adults. It was just poorly written kinky. There's plenty of poorly written kinky online for free. If I'm going to pay that much for a book, it better have good writing and a half way descent plot.

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I think I'm going to order the series today. All my friends and sister say I MUST read it. lol.

DH just called. His mother is out of surgery and doing great.

Glad to hear she's doing better!

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Okay, just made an appt for my annual exam. You ladies haven't pushed me over the edge yet so I figure going in now is safe. I won't be pressured into getting the IUD yanked.

Pull it! Wink lol

And apparently nothing else I clicked saved for me to reply to and I forget what all was said. lol