"Who are you and what did you do with my kid?"

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"Who are you and what did you do with my kid?"

So I gave Lyla her yogurt for her mid-morning snack and left her in the living room while I gathered up a load of laundry. She ate the entire thing without making a huge mess! She just had one dribble down her shirt which she came and told me about. I got her cleaned up and noticed she was looking sleepy. I asked her if she was ready for her nap. She walked away saying "Where did it go?" "Where did baba go?" "Where did it go?" and then she walked past the kitchen holding her sippy cup of water. I went to go look for her to put her down for her nap and found her in her room getting into bed!!!! What?! So I closed her curtains, turned her fan on and left. She's still sleeping!!

Oh Please, please, please let this be permanent!! (No, I'm not gonna hold my breath.)

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Wooohooo! Way to go, Lyla! If nothing else, you deserve this behavior for just one morning. And I can't believe she's speaking in full sentences already! This, from the girl you were afraid was never going to speak!

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That's awesome! Do you think having Kole is helping her with her "neediness?"

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Maybe this will become more of a routine for her. Great news, I hope it keeps going for you!

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Woah. That's worth a major celebration - eating well, talking, and SLEEPING?! Holy cow!

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Yahoo Hope she keeps it up!!

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that's awesome! it's amazing that these things come out of nowhere

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"redneckgirl82884" wrote:

That's awesome! Do you think having Kole is helping her with her "neediness?"

It's actually making her more needy. As in, she wants me to constantly pick her up and carry her around again suddenly. Or when Kole fusses, she fusses. Stuff like that. But if she keeps up with going to bed on her own when I ask her and eating her snacks without painting the house with her food then she can be a little whinier.

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That is TOTALLY AWESOME. Even if it's just once here and there, I'm sure a day or even an hour or so like that is welcome any way you can get it!

Adair's been extra whiny and clingy with me lately too--I actually think she's having some jealousy issues with DH after having me all to herself for ten days. Better get over that, sweetheart.

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So, anymore big girl stuff from little miss Lyla?! That's amazing stuff!