Whoop Whoop!!!

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Whoop Whoop!!!

Tobey wee'd on the potty!!!! About 3 this afternoon he decided he didn't want his nappy on and kept saying "Tobey big boy, no nappy" so I left him to run around.

He drank a lot. Then he wee'd on the floor about 5 times. He was getting more stressed each time and eventually he wee'd on our bed and cried even more so I put him in a nappy. When I gave him a wash for bed I took it off and had a chat and told him if he doesn't want to wear it he has to use the potty. I showed him what to do but he cried and said the potty was scary. I told him if he sat on the potty I'd give him a chocolate button and he was excited but still said the potty was scary.

Then I was getting him ready for bed and he said again "No nappy, Tobey big boy" So DH told him that bog boys go on the potty. He asked him if he wanted to try and he whimpered "yes" so DH got him up and sat him down and he said "I have sweets for potty" And we said yes. So he pulled a face like he was doing a huge poo and he stood up and he'd done a wee. We were all over the top excited and he got his chocolate buttons. Actually I was so happy I cried Lol He didn't want to put a nappy on for bed but I made him eventually. I'm going to take it one step at a time and I'll see how he feels in the morning about it. But I might push it...ohh, I'm scared Smile

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That is a GREAT SIGN...He is motivated...he is ready...go for it, mama!!! Biggrin

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That's terrific, WTG Tobey! I am thinking about PT as well, Isabelle is always telling me she needs to "go potty" lately. She doesn't really know what that means, she just hears it at daycare, but I'm thinking it might be time since she is interested.

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That's great! Dive right in!

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YAY! Hopefully he'll get over his potty fears soon. Biggrin

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thats awesome! i havn't really bothered, Lucas will usually come and tell me after he poos

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Nice! Go Tobey!

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Woo Hoo! Yay Tobey!