Woohoo!! Ot

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Woohoo!! Ot

So dh and I are going to a concert in 3 weeks.. Im so excited because this will be the first real date we have had in a lonnnnnng time.. Plus we are going to an awesome concert.. Tim Magraw, The Band Perry and Luke Bryan all at Darien Lake (an amusement park) in Buffalo, Ny.. We get to play all day and rock out country style at night without kids..

Sucky part is I have to bring my pump and pump, and I will be a little sad to leave Natalie for such a long time. Im sure my MIL is going to want to pull her hair out by the time we get home...

Any one want to meet up.. Im not sure how many of you guys are close to Buffalo??

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Sounds awesome!!! Have a great time!

I wish I could go! Unfortunately, Georgia is just a tiny bit far away. Sad

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That sounds like a great time! I'm in desperate need of a day away with DH like that in the next year. You guys will have a blast, pump and all!

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Love all three of them!! You will have a great time!! Yay for your date night!:yahoo:

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Have fun! Definitely enjoy your baby free time. Smile

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Sounds like a great time!