Would the real Emma please stand up...

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Would the real Emma please stand up...

We all try to get that perfect smiley picture of our darling little angels. Sometimes it's easier said than done. I am making Emma a birthday announcement because we are having a small family gathering for her "party" instead of the usual huge birthday bash. Often, the first birthday party is a chance for many of my family members to see the baby after not having seen for some time (due to life, distance, etc) and since we are not having a big party, they won't get to see her. This is why I am making a birthday announcement. It's going to be similar to her birth announcement, with her picture (or pictures), her one year stats, and some cutesy design to pull it all together. I figured it would be fun to make, nice for her baby book, and good for all the people who aren't going to see her as they may have been planning to.

So I want a picture of my beautiful princess, with a big smile and angel wings sprouting out of her back. Pixie dust should flow from her finger tips and the most beautiful of flowers should pale in comparison to her.

I love my daughter. She has brought a whole new meaning to my life. She has a beautiful smile and looks like such a big girl now with her new little teeth.

She doesn't like smiling for the camera if I'm using my "big" camera. If I have my phone or my little point and shoot, she's game. But if I'm trying to take the big monthly picture, she wants nothing to do with it.

I managed to get some smiley pictures, nothing amazing, but they will have to do. BUT...I am seriously considering having 2-3 pictures on her announcement, and the following picture as the main one, because this, my friends, is the REAL Emma...She's a diva, a lover, has personality like no other, and has a very strict rule of MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!

My Lulubelle, who as of tomorrow will be 11 months going on 14 years old...

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Awww!! That pics shows the little DIVA!! Look at those little teeth.. I think that is a wonderful idea!

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she is so cute! love the photo

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Love it! What a little princess!

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Love!!!!:0) So cute:0)

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lol, so cute Smile

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That is too cute. It looks like she is giving the camera a little bit of attitude!!

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lol, she is adorable! Look at all those teeth! Wow.

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If that pic doesn't scream Diva, I wouldn't know what did!! Smile Great photo!!! I loooove the idea!

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What a funny face! It really does scream PERSONALITY! Lol