Wow, 11oz!

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Wow, 11oz!

I didn't even think it was possible for a LO to drink 11oz but Odin proved me wroing :eek:

Had to leave him with my aunt yesterday while I went to a training. Poor guy is still vomiting every time he eats solids. She tried giving him puffed rice in the a.m. and after vomiting, he refused to take any of the BM I left. So he nursed at 6am and refused the bottle until 2pm. When he finally agreed to take the BM, he down all 3 bottles I had left for the day. Then I arrived at 3pm and he took a long nurse off of one side. Luckily he kept all that milk down but to me it seems like an insane amount at one time. The boy is like a newborn right now and nursing seriously every hour to 45 minutes. Its all he can keep down though. I want the flu to end!

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Sounds like he's catching up from the vomiting. Poor little guy.

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Wow he's sure making up for it! That he drank that much and kept it down is a great sign!

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Wow. Great sign though. At least he's keeping something down, staying fed and hydrated!

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Wow. That's great that you don't have to worry about him getting dehydrated.