WTTW Deacon!

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WTTW Deacon!

Mona (KittyRN) Had her baby boy yesterday. Deacon Sirius. 7lb 4oz and 20in long at 3:06 AM.
Congrats Mona & DH. I bet Simon will be an awesome big brother!!

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Congratulations! You make cuties!!!

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WTTW!! He's so stinking cute. Get on here and tell us more about him and the birth!

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I for one can't wait to hear this birth story!!! CONGRATS!!! :mrgreen:

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Congrats on the beautiful baby! I love the name too!

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Yay! Congrats Mona!!

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Congratulations Mona!!!!

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Congrats Mona! WTTW Deacon!

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Congrats he is a total cutie. How is Simon adjusting to being a big brother?

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Congrats!!! He is a cutie!

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Congratulations!! He is precious!

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