The "WTTW, Kole & Archer!!!!" Chat Thread 23

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jackie, that is a horrible poop story!!!!

The worst one Lucas ever had was when he was sick. We were at MIL's and I layed him on the couch to change him and noticed he got poop on it!! i had to take him into her bathroom and it was all up his back and everywhere! he was crying the whole time too because he wasn't feeling well. DH wasn't a lot of help he just kinda splashed water on him and kept saying "OMG!!" and gagging ROFL Poop doesn't bother me very much unless it is ones like that and they are everywhere. ick!

My SIL was discharged from the hospital yesterday. Her DS had jaundice and the nurses there were being jerks and not letting her use the billi blanket. They also told her to stop taking him out to nurse so much or they would have to stay an extra day! wtf! nice to see nothing has changed there :rolleyes: