YAY!!! finally....OT

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YAY!!! finally....OT

DH's dad got an apartment here :eek: Not sure how I feel about that but not much I can do about it....HOWEVER, DH gave away a bunch of stuff to him for his apt. We had all this "junk" in our back room.....couch, coffee table, TV, TV stand and a couple other things. THEY ARE GONE!!!!!


This means I get to move my desk & put his desk too in this space and make it our office for the business. I'm soooooooooooooooo stoked. This will make things so much easier. We're going to put french doors between it and the backside of our kitchen to close it off. Plus it will make it so much easier when I client calls.

Anyways, that's my exciting news for the day.

Oh.....and tomorrow is my bday! I'm turning 40 :eek: I'm not impressed at all that DH has nothing planned. Our circle of friends, when the ladies have turned 40 their DH's planned a party @ their house with friends. I have to say I'm bummed about him not planning something. Sad I decided today that I need to quit acting like a baby about it...I guess for once I'd like to be the princess lol Guess I'm not 10 anymore, huh? So I'm going to make him take me and ALL the kids to dinner and then he & I go to a movie. We need some together time.

One more thing....I re-joined WW yesterday. I'm doing the on-line version. So far, so good. I love their app for my phone....tracking has always been my biggest issue. I'm ready to get this weight off....FOR GOOD!!!!

Man I'm a chatty Kathy today.....how is your Friday night? LOL

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Good luck with the weight loss!

Happy Birthday! You should definitely make your husband do something for YOU. Smile

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Okkkk so maybe DH is having a surprise birthday party for you Wink Could that be it?! Lol... my DF isn't that thoughtful; but you never know; maybe yours is... Blum 3

Congrats on joining WW!! Smile

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Happy 40th Birthday Laurene!!!! :party:

Getting rid of junk is the best feeling ever! I'd gladly give up my birthday this year in exchange for a good purge. Congrats on joining WW! If you need some support you know where to come Blum 3