Yep, time for another belly pic

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Yep, time for another belly pic

I'm glad you guys humor me Smile

Here is my 26 week one today. Compared to 24 week vanishing belly.

The belly is finally making its way back! Um, and can you believe I'm into the double digits already?!?!? How is there only +/- 98 days to go :eek: pressure or anything, but any other preggos should totally take a pic to add to this thread as well. Wink

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You look great, baby must have moved about.
I agree all other pregnant people must post a belly pic.

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Adorable belly!

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love it! definitely more noticeable now

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So cute! That's a nice bump!
But I need to see other cute bellies in this thread to compare - c'mon, preggos! Wink

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Yahoo for preggo pics! Your belly has definitely "reappeared!" Lol

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Here is my belly pic @ 34 weeks

Here is a pic of my son when we had our 3D u/s done in November

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wow!!!!! That's quite a difference. I think baby must lave been laying funny at 24 weeks

Rebekah_21 - lovely belly and cute scan Smile

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Cute belly pics of both of you ladies. Ugh, it's making me want one again....kind of Smile

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LOVE!:0) Cute bump!

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Very cute belly pic!

Rebekah- Thats a cute belly picture.. you are getting close too! How exciting. Love the 3d scan Biggrin

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Nice bump Rebekah!

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Loving the bump Rebekah! The 3D scan is totally cool too. You can see so much detail on those things.

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Yup, the bump is back, baby must have shifted! Very cute!

Rebekah, also a cute bump! I have bump envy with all these preggos showing off Smile

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Thank you all. Yes I am getting really close.. 5 more weeks to go ahhh scary thought!! Yes I love how much detail the 3D scan had it was awesome!!