Yet another eating thread

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Yet another eating thread

Hi ladies

How are you LOs doing with nursing/ff and solids? I think Simon is starting to decrease his bf.

Here is how a typical 24 hours go:
7-8am BF on waking
10am BF
1030 3ish oz cereal and a little watered down juice (or else he gets constipated)
12-1pm BF (short one)
2pm handful of lil crunchies, 2 oz fruit, a little water
5pm BF (short one)
6pm 1-2 oz meat, 3 oz veg, handful of fruit/veggie melts, a little water
8pm BF + 4ish oz formula before bed
3am BF (not always 3 and sometimes he goes through the night)

He still seems to BF frequently, but really only the morning and middle of the night ones are long, even the bedtime one he usually just falls asleep really quickly. At supper his meat is usually what we are eating, i'm just estimating how many ounces but I have no way of really knowing.

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All of Aiden's nursing sessions (even the one before bed and in the middle of the night) are all 5 minutes at most. Actually Simon BFs at about the same times as Aiden during the day. Aiden just manages to put in a couple more night sessions than Simon. lol. Aiden has really taken off with food the past few weeks. He has a snack of a handful of puffs and a few pieces of fruit mid morning before his 1st nap. After the nap, he has lunch which is usually part of whatever I'm having plus more fruit. A typical lunch last week was 1/4 of a pita, couple of tablespoons of hummus, 1/2 banana, a 1/4 cup of whatever veggie we had left over from the previous night's dinner, and he's usually ask for more and get watermelon, strawberries, or sweet potato fries. For dinner Aiden eats whatever we're eating. And he'll eat for a full 20 minutes at least. It's common for DH and I to finish eating and for Aiden to ask for more. This kid has a hallow leg and is NOT the typical baby with his solid food eating habits!

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I think Delaney is a big eater. She eats a bottle first thing in the a.m., followed by breakfast about an hour or so later....cheerios, bananas, strawberries, toast or something like that. Depending on how my day going if I'm home or on the go she gets another bottle around 1-ish or lunch. Then an afternoon snack if she didn't get lunch foodwise....eats dinner at about 6pm, then a bottle at about 8. So she's only getting about 20-24oz of formula a day. She has some type of liquid w/each meal....water, juice or milk.

She is really into self-feeding. I rarely can get her to eat from the spoon anymore. My favorite to feed her is dinner but sometimes it gets so later so she gets leftovers from the previous night.

Simon sounds right on track.

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Ronin is a big eater, he has lots of 5-10 minute feeds during the day and over night, but he also has a few good long ones between getting home from work and bed, we can have 2 or 3 half hour plus sessions in there and I can actually see him relax while he does it, it helps calm him.

Solids wise he has breakfasrt which is oats or toast, Lunch isveggies, scrambled egg etc and dinner is what ever I have. He also has some fruit and yoghurt in there across the day.

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Teagan has finally started eating some solids again after maybe a month of flat out refusing to eat anything but cheese. Still, she's not eating much and I'm OK with that. She'll get there.

Our weekdays kinda goes like this:

6-7am BF upon waking (15-20 min of repeated quick booby attacks after she goes potty and before I drag myself out of bed)

8am A pitiful attempt at breakfast, usually involves puffs/eggs/banana/muffin being thrown on the floor

9am Last chance boob before daycare (1-10 min)

10-11am 1.5-2 oz EBM (still won't take bottles well) + some bites of whatever I send (usually fruit puree and some left overs from the night before)

1-2pm 1.5-2 oz EBM

4pm Nurse like its going out of style in the daycare parking lot

4:30pm Quick BF when we get home

6-7pm Another pitiful attempt, this time whatever we're eating

7:30pm Long BF before bed

Overnight- several BF, who knows ... we cosleep ... I'm pretty much unconscious

Weekends are pretty similar, she just replaces those two pathetic bottles with a few quick BFs. I've been skipping offering breakfast entirely the past few days and its actually been helping. She's been eating much more food overall. I don't think she's a breakfast person. I also think she's in a teething lull so that is probably helping.

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N still wakes up to nurse about 5 and then goes back to sleep till 9. The he has breakfast. We are huge breakfast people. Usually its egg..oatmeal..pancake..or toast with fruit. Then he'll nurse for a quick session right after. Then he nurses again at 1230 for his nap. He will wake about 130 or 2 and we will do lunch. He will nurse at about 5 for his afternoon nap. This one is short so we will do dinner at 6. He will nurse again at 9 for bed time. Lunch and dinner is usually what we are eating. Sometimes we modify it if need be. Sometimes he will have a snack. I give him a fruit puree thats partially frozen like a slushie for dessert. All his nursing sessions are short except for the night one.

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The only boob Tobey gets is first thing in the morning. He has cereal about an hour after boob then a snack (usually some of what ever I'm eating) at lunch time. I offer boob after his PM nap and he has a (big) jar of food and banana for dinner. He hasn't woken to nurse in the night for about a month. I'm totally missing boob snuggles but I think he's getting bigger than I'd like. I'm pretty sure if I cut off boob tomorrow he wouldn't care (which is a shock to me because if I'd had this conversation 2 months ago I would have said the boy can't get enough boob)

ETA, he gets water with every meal Smile

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Odin usually

6-7 a.m. Long in bed nurse
8 a.m. Breakfast (Fruit and cereal/egg)
9:30 a.m Nurse to sleep (less than 5 min. aka, snack)
11:30 Lunch (veggie/fruit/beans)
12:15 Nurse to sleep (medium feed, longer than a snack but not a meal)
4 p.m. Nursing (about 5 min. snack)
6 p.m. Dinner (Tofu, veggie, fruit)
7:30 p.m Long nursing session to sleep

About 5 nursing session total on average. Also I offer tea or water at every meal.

50/50 chance of having one more nursing session at 4:30 a.m. which then just continues on until the 6-7am nursing session. Yep, like a 2.5 hour BM party. Fun! I think the 9:30a.m session and 4 p.m. are the ones on their way out first. He is less interested in those sometimes and actually wants the snack the preschool kids are eating some of the time.

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Clara's a HOSS compared to everyone else's LO's. She has taken off on eating.

8am- 6oz bottle
9am - a banana or two (usually 2)
12pm- lunch- leftovers usually, but she eats as much as DS and DS eats more than me and DD1. if there's no leftovers, she can eat an entire can of peas or green beans!
1pm- 6oz bottle
between 5-6pm - supper- as with lunch, she out eats everyone at the table but her daddy Smile
around 6 or 7pm- 6oz bottle
7:30- bed