Yet another solids thread.

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Yet another solids thread.

What thickness of a puree do you use with your baby? I make some of Emma's food and use some store bought food and she just really seems to dislike the stage one foods. I have to get her stage two or she just kind of stares at me and lets it run out of her mouth. My first two babies ate solids like a champ but Emma has preferred the bottle. Part of it is my fault because I haven't stuck to a feeding schedule but I've improved greatly for the past week and plan to continue.

Anyway, what stage or thickness do you make/buy for your babies?

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I recently started getting Lyla stage 2 and she does much better with those than she did with the stage 1. I really think she prefers her food a little thicker.

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Before she started out right refusing purees, she was doing pretty well with stuff that was pureed well. Not chunky but not runny. I never had to thin it out with EBM or water. I don't know how that compares to the store bought stuff as I've never purchased any. Every baby is different and some might have texture preferences right from the start.

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I second Erin's thought on baby preferences to textures.

Since Clara was a little older starting solids, 6 months, I went ahead and left it more like a stage 2 food. I don't puree all the pieces out of it. It's about half pureed and half little pieces. Her oatmeal this morning was about the same consistency that DS's is every morning. I like that consistency and she seems to really prefer it too.

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Lumpy here too. Mainly because I can't be bothered to wizz it up until completely smooth Smile But we have had no problems

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Daycare make it the consistency of custard, but really he will chow anything down. I think all babies prefer different textures so it's just tral and error to get it right.