Yo! to all my baby wearing mammas! (you know who you are!)

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Yo! to all my baby wearing mammas! (you know who you are!)

I imagine that baby wearing will be much more prominent with this next baby since I will be chasing a very active and energetic toddler! I did wear Lyla some, but not much. So. . .

what is the best baby wearing device for new, tiny babies? Where should I invest my money, considering how WOW, $cha-ching,$ pricey those boogers can be!

PS: If you see me here near 9am (central time) tomorrow, please yell at me to go to my appointment!

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I love my baby bjorn but I am sure there are tons of other carriers out there for tiny newborns. I just had that and my baby hawk, which I love but that isn't the best for tiny babies

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i'm planning to baby wear the next baby as well. Lucas barely got to, but I have a moby and a ring sling. I think the moby would be pretty good for a newborn or small baby and the ring sling for a baby Lucas' age now and a bit younger but I will need something for an in between age.

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I had a sleepy wrap when Simon was very little and it was PERFECT for a newborn. They get all snuggly in there, and you can BF with it (well I couldnt, but that's because I have stupid big boobs! LOL!). And it's pretty cheap too. 40 dollars I believe. But once they reach about 15 lbs I'd say the wrap stretches too much. But awesome awesome for the first few months.

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My favorite carrier for a newborn was my ring sling because I could nurse in it really easily. The moby was hreat too but it does have a bit of a learning curve and I never could nurse in it. You can get cheaper ring slings on etsy.

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I actually just took a really long piece of fabric I already had and made a wrap-I think I cut it down the middle and sewed the two pieces to make it like 20 feet long by maybe 45 inches wide. So it was cheap since I already had the material! But it was kind of time consuming to tie it on, although that was fine when she was little and would just nurse and sleep for an hour or more at a time while I did stuff with her in it.

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It'll be way too hot for a Moby for you considering your due date and how hot TX is! Sleepy wrap is a bit cooler and same concept. They're stretchy wraps, which are very forgiving wraps (so don't have to wrap as well to feel comfortable as compared to a woven wrap) but they sag and become aggravating after 15lbs (some people like them to 20lbs but there's no way I'd put Aiden at 19lbs in one now!!!). I never could figure out BFing in a wrap, but it is possible. Definitely very comfortable though.

My suggestion is to get a ring sling. It's cooler than a stretchy wrap. Less fabric to deal with, so it's easier to get on and use when out of the house. And a good ring sling for a newborn will also be a good ring sling to use with an older baby, so good long life for a carrier. I quickly figured out how to BF in a ring sling too once Aiden had good head control. The downside is that it's a one shoulder carry. When they're tiny this isn't a problem at all. As they get heavier (15-20lbs), you have to pay more attention to how you have it adjusted and sitting on your shoulder to be as comfortable. I love using my ring slings still, but I won't wear Aiden in one for hours at a time - more like 1 hour tops. Great for quick trips in a store or keeping him quiet as I put up a few dishes, etc. By the time Aiden got too heavy for me to want to wear him for hours in a ring sling, he was big enough and old enough to be worn on my back in a two shoulder carrier (which is what I do for longer wears). My favorite ring sling ever is Sleeping Baby Productions. Each ring sling maker has a slightly different shoulder. I like hers because it doesn't get bunched up making it ride against your neck and the pleats act as a bit of a cushion for your shoulder. Not to mention, it's the cheapest professional ring sling I've found yet!

As far as two shoulder carries go, if the baby looks like s/he is dangling by the crouch pass on the carrier! It's poor positioning for the baby, and most of those carriers tend to really hurt the parent's shoulders and back faster because of how the baby sits in it. The optimal position is for baby to have their bum below their knees and being supported knee to knee (or close to knee to knee as you can get when they reach toddlerhood). I love padded mei tais like Beanslings, the Ergo, and Bamberoo soft sided carriers for back carries. I do love my regular mei tais, but they're not as comfortable for longer amounts of time as one that's padded. I LOVED my Mei Tai Baby when Aiden was small. I could wear him in that thing the entire day and still be comfortable. I did figure out how to BF in the mei tai, but it was a lot easier in the ring sling (not the mention the tail acts as the perfect nursing cover lol).

As you know, I could talk all day about carriers. :mrgreen:

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When Odin was tiny the ring sling was awesome because he could sleep and nurse and I could still work with my preschoolers all the time. My big thing was the bend over fractor cause working with the 2-5 year old group I am always bending over to their level or squating. My Moby was OK but sometimes a PITA and harder to bend in. The ring sling was OK to bend is as well. I invested in an Ergo with an infant insert about 2 months in and that by far was the best and most awesome with the bending over/squat factor. I still love it and it is easy on the back. My only complaint about the Ergo is there is no way to foward (or let baby face outward) face the LO no matter what size they are.

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We wear the twins a lot, and also wore my DD a lot when she was younger.

Favorites: Ergo (most comfy as they get heavy, but the downside is I STILL can't clip it in the back by myself :roll:), Baby K'tan (nice for newborn, but my absolute favorite right now).

Bjorn is great for a really quick trip. I can get babies in and out of it SO FAST.

For a slightly older baby, my DH LOVES the Snugli backpack.