For your belly bump enjoyment! (xp)

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For your belly bump enjoyment! (xp)

How has it already been 2 weeks since my last group of pics??? Going way too fast.
As always I encourage all the other preg. mamas to post their pics too. You know you'll love me for bugging you every two weeks some day when you go back and look at all your bump pics. Wink


Here are some of my progression pics. I've been taking them every 2 weeks and really need to just make them in to one photo collage thing at some point. Anyway....

24 weeks, 26 weeks, and today at 28 weeks.

If I keep growing as much as I did these last 6 weeks I'm going to be really in for it. Guess my belly decided it was time to catch up :eek:

Also here a comparison pics from baby #3, DS2, and then DS1. I think I was a little bigger with DS2 but pretty close to DS1, just different though.

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Looks like your LO had a growth spurt!! I love how perfectly perfect your bump is! You make pregnant look fabulous!

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You might be carrying a bit different this time compared to last time. But great looking belly! Amazing the difference 4 weeks makes! Biggrin

Anna, where's your belly? Wink

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aww you look so cute!

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You look great! Cute belly!

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soooo cute!!! I LOVE the pictures!!!

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I think you're carrying more like you did with DS1. Its higher overall. Girl?!

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wow, that's a big change from 2 weeks ago!! Looking good!