Herbs and Such For Fertility?

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Herbs and Such For Fertility?

I found a huge list of things to use in Rituals for Fertility. Some I am not fond of and some I have no idea what they are. Here is the list of things that I found and i was wondering which ones are used most or that any of you have found to work the best. Sorry the list is so long but there were lots.

Agaric - This one i am not fond of because it is a halucinagenic (SP?)
Cuckoo Flower

Any advice you have on these or others would be great. Thanks a bunch Smile

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I found :
lotus flowers'

I have also been wanting to know the most effective way to use these.

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I think that it depends on the individual person when asking which herb works best .. What I would do is look at the list and see which ones call to you ~ then take those that call to you and do some research on them. See what the plant itself looks like, what it's properties are, what it helps best in regards to fertility ~ even what god/dess' are attached to the herb & then decide based on the info that you have gathered which one(s) are best to use Smile

Because really what may work for me may not work for you at all. kwim? Smile

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I wouold recommend herbs that support the female reproductive system. When I was pregnant, my midwife had me drink women's blend tea. It is a combination of red rasperry leaf, nettle, red clover, oatstraw and spearmint.

I made a pitcher of it at a time and kept it in the refrigerator and drank 2 or 3 glasses a day.

Hope this helps. Sending you lots of baby dust!

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Kim ~ I thinks he's asking what herbs to use in a ritual ~ not so my physically? Mabey I misunderstood Smile

As for the tea you speak of ~ I'd have to ditto you on what a great tea it is!

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OOOps, sorry, that's what I get for not reading things thoroughly. I have a book of women's rituals, I'll look it up this afternoon and post what it said.

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The Tea is Faboulas but as far as I understood you are only to drink one glass a day until your last month and then 2-3 glasses a day. In any case I love the stuff. Yes i am looking for a fertility ritual but, all the ones I found I am not crazy about so I was going to create my own. I have no books on herbs and so I that's why i asked here. There are just so many to chose from I figures maybe I could break the list down a bit and then make a choice. Kim I am still really interested in the rituals you have so please post them if you have the time. I always figure that even if i don't like them I can use bites and pieces to create my own. Anyways any information would be great. Thanks ladies Smile

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Since there are so many herbs to choose from, how about you let us know which ones have attracted you and then we can give you the info that we have on each herb. I'd be more than happy to let you know what I know of them Smile

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Mandrake, Wheat, Oak, Hawthorn and Chickweed are the ones I am most attracted to, but as i said I am a beginner and I am not aware of there properties and Weather or not they are the best fit for fertility rituals. Any help or advice you could give is greatly appriciated. Smile Thanks again.

With Blessings of the Season

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right ~ so if you give us herbs that for whatever reason, even just the name attract you or call to you we can together get more info on the
herb(s) and see if it's the right one(s). make sense? And if it's not and or no longer seems like it's the right herb(s) after you learn about it we can go to the next one(s) Smile

I have to go to school but will be back at 11pm mst ~ will dig up some info on the herbs you've just listed Smile

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Thanks a Bunch I really appriciate all your help. I am on such a learning path right now that I feel Like "#5" from "Short Circut" I need more "Input" LOL!! Smile

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It's late so I'm going to start w/ the Mandrake and then go from there Smile

This looks like an interesting herb ~ will read more throughly about this herb tomorrow & let my opinion on it later Smile Would love to hear what you think.


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Hmm Very Interesting. It does bother me a bit that the herb is hard to come by and very Poisines to pregnant woman. It has a lot of incredible qualitys as well though. I find it very interesting that it's being used in Canser research. Maybe the Hawthorn or Chickweed would be more appropriate. BTW I have a Tun of chickweed in my back yard, LOL. That's what attracted me to it.

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Ya know the more I read about this herb the more I like it. The reason being is that it isn't some ol' fidly herb that one can just use w/out thought. This herb deserves respect & knowledge and w/ that it's powerful abilities will come forth. However I also don't think it should be used unless you have the know how to do so.

I found this really interesting ~ it's from the first url:

Where there is Mandrake, demons cannot reside, and so the root is used in Exorcism.

It really must be a powerful herb/root.

Another thing I like about it, is it has very yin and yang properties as far as opposites go. The flowers that are produced in the springtime produce edible fruits and yet the large seed is poisonous. It is a very powerful in that it can heal & yet powerful in that it can kill too.

I find it funny that the english (just like in harry potter) had the folklore that if you pulled the root of a mandrake it would scream ~ but in the Native American folklore it was used as a plan of love and charm lol

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Okay did a search on wheat ~ I found this site (one of my fav's)


Something that struck me in the first paragraph, last sentence is when it says this:

The plant is in flower from June to September.

If your wanting a baby in those months or wanting to begin ttc in those months it might be of benefit to use this plant. Although it's not a must, it's something I would propably do.

However the very last sentence on this page says:

Dodonaeus tells us that 'the seeds of this herb taken in meate or drinke troubleth the braynes, causing headache and drunkennesse.'

So this kind of wheat may not even be edible .. I'm not sure.

This was the only site I could find that wasn't a recipie on just wheat lol

However in switching my wording around when doing a search I came across a website about wheat grass ~ I knew this stuff was good BUT WOW .. it's something I think I will begin incorporating into my diet.

It's also good for reproduction & lactation .. I'd have to look more into it to see what the contraindications are (if any) for pregnant or lactating women though.

For example, cereal grasses were found to improve reproductive ability, and milk production - two markers of good health.


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It seems this herb is more for people w/ heart conditions or hypertention. It mentions only slightly on this page that the celts used it during Beltane (maypole) and represented fertility, but it doesn't really explain why.

Hawthorn was regarded as a valuable heart remedy as far back as the Middle Ages. The Hawthorn was considered sacred in early times and believed to furnish the Crown of Thorns. Legend has it that between AD30-63 Joseph of Aramathea came to England and planted his hawthorn staff in Glastonbury soil. This became known as The Glastonbury Thorn and grew and blossomed at Christmas and Easter as if in celebration of the Christian Year. The Celts used Hawthorn in May celebrations using it to dress maypoles and symbolic effigies, and associated it with fertility.


It's a pretty flower plant though ~ kind of reminds me of morning glory w/ the long vines.

The botainical site had some interesting info as well, but once again mention of it helping heart issues but nothing about fertility. Something that immeditaltye turned me of from this herb is the 2nd sentence on the page said this:

Many country villagers believe that Hawthorn flowers still bear the smell of the Great Plague of London.

However on an interesting note (mabey b/c it's snowing here and FREEZING? lol) I thought this was neat:

It makes excellent fuel, making the hottest wood-fire known and used to be considered more desirable than Oak for oven-heating.

And right as I thought there was no hope for this herb & fertility I find this page LOL


It talks about it's use w/ magick:

USE IN MAGIC: Fertility, Chastity, Fishing Magic, Happiness
-used to decorate the Maypole: Hawthorns thought to be witches who had transformed themselves to trees
-used in wedding decorations to increase fertility
-leaves placed under a mattress or in a room will ease one sworn to chastity or celibacy
-carried on fishing trips to ensure a good catch
-protects the house from storms, evil spirits, placed in cradles to protect infants
-sacred to fairies, and when it grows with oak and ash, one may see fairies
-used to ease depression

It also talks about a few things that I think can be tied into fertility:

-helps release feelings of disharmony and hate
-reinstates harmony and inner calm after a period of conflict or struggle
-renews self love and fortifies the heart

If we can find balance in all of these then I think a lot of troubles will fade away.

Anyhow I've ran out of time ~ I've got some studying to do for school so will return later tonight to do more study on these herbs Smile I hope this helps for now.

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Ugg I am a little overwhelmed right now. I went searching about the internet at different herbs for fertility and really there isn't alot of information. I checked out Chickweed and it seems like a faboulas herbs, it's pretty much good for anything. the only thing i found with any real relation to fertility was Poppy Seed, Black and even then it's just a quick blurb. Here is what i found let me know what you think.


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Something to keep in mind ~ it doesn't have to "be" for fertility or have a website state that it's for fertility for it to be s fertility hreb. You make it what it is Smile Pull meaning out of the herb, if it's good for health ~ use that for good health as you need that to produce a strong offspring .. if it's for calming, use it to help calm you as you prepare for pregnancy, if it's for healing old wounds let it do that .. There is soo much that comes into play w/ fertility Smile

The poppy sounds wonderful too! Let your mind stay open as you search for what your needing. Anything goes.

soooo deep breath ~ lets begin Smile

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I think I have finally figured it out!!! Clary Sage essential oil for bathing in will help with female reproductive systems. Red Raspberry Tea to drink and Either False Unicorn or Dong Quai as a herb. Now i remember you ladies saying something about False Unicorn but I can't seem to find it and the Dong Quai is like a Ginsing for woman and their reproductive systems. I also found Saw Palmetto Berry for my husband it's good for the male prostate as well as Lavender as a afrodisiac (pardon my spelling). I was thinking about making him a little pouch with those two herbs in it. Calendula is another i found that seemed o.k for fertility but I don't know very much about it. So what are all your oppinions on these? I love the Clary Sage and Have used it before when i was young for troublsome periods and i know that Red Raspberry tea is great for the Uterus, but what are your thoughts on False Unicorn, Dong Quai and Calendula. Also your thoughts on the pouch with Saw Palmetto Berry and lavander, oh and i think Jasmine was another afrodisiac (SP?) ? Thanks for all your help and I really think I am starting to get the hang of this.........well it's a start, LOL.

Here is what I found on Dong Quai


Saw Palmatto Berry

Clary Sage

False Unicorn


And I figure you all know about Red Raspberry and Lavander. Thanks for all your help Smile

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I'm hoping to get a few minutes today to respond to you ~ if not later tonight I promise! lol Smile

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Not A Problem. You have a life to I know, LOL. Take All the time you need I am just interested in your oppinion.

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One thing that has helped some friends of mine, more in the realm of natural healing than a religious/spiritual sense, is to detoxify the body.

I would recommend that you take a month or two off from TTC to do this though, so your system can fully flush itself BEFORE conception.

Natural food stores sell various detoxification kits, but one of the simplest is to switch to raw organic fruits and vegetables... great for weight loss too.

I recommend that you do it gradually, cutting back on meats and processed (baked goods etc.) foods over 2 weeks then take 2 weeks of almost exculsively raw food, then 2 weeks to reintroduce your normal diet. If you do it too fast your system will kind of rebel.

This can be kind of difficult and expensive this time of year though, so you might decide to wait on it until summer.

I know it sounds a little bizarre, but I swear I had two friends that concieved with 3 cycles of doing this, after years of trying with no success.

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The herb pouches ~ What a wonderful idea!!! One I've heard of before, I've also heard of instances where a couple will make the pouches together, do a small ritual (nothing "set in stone" just a simple ritual) and then put the pouches under their matress on each side of the bed and leave it there until they concieve. Then once they've concieved they do a blessing and protection ritual and put the pouches under the babies matress ~ if you co-sleep just put them back under your matress. I thought that was a neat idea.

False Unicorn root is a very powerful herb, it's WONDERFUL for fertility however it's also very rare and beginning to become less and less available. So I would only use it if it's your last choice. So i would porpably go w/ the Dong Quai ~ if you take it orally start out w/ a small dose & gradually increase, that way you'll know if you have any reactions to it. So far I've not met anyone who has though, so you should be okay Smile One side not of caution, you don't want to take this herb while on your period as it can stimulate af .. Something I do while on af is I discontinue all supps that I'm on while on af, on the exception of my pre-natal. This will allow your body to fully cleanse itself while on af & then once you've ended begin your supps as per usual.

Ylang Ylang is a great oil to burn if your looking for an aphrodisiac. I love the smell too ~ Lavendar for me is too relaxing to be an aphridisiac, so you may want to try burning some lavendar inscense before you use it for anything to see how your body reacts to it. I've also used Jasmine and found no effect, however that's not to say that it wont affect you Smile

I think Calendula is a great choice!!! It's a wonderful flower/herb and if it's calling you to as one to use I would deffinatley call upon it for help.

I also like your choice of the Saw Palmatto Berry for your husband. DO you know if he has any specific problems assciated w/ his productive glands? There are a lot of herbs out there that are great for men and fertilty. But if your looking for just an over all fertility booster then I think you've picked a great herb.

Teegs ~ no it doesn't sound silly at all!!! It's a wonderful idea. Although one needs to be very careful while going through a detox and they need to not be doing much while their on it as it takes a lot of energy from the body, both physically & spiritually. I've done many detoxes and have found great benefits from them, but they also need to be approached w/ caution and a full understanding of what that particular detox does.

It sounds like you've done a few yourself? What have your experiences w/ detoxing been? Smile I've heard A LOT of neat things about the raw diet, not something I could do 100% of the time though lol From what little I do know there are some great benefits to it. Even for just a detox or short term.

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Wow what a wonderfull book of knowledge you all are. Thanks for the info on Aphrodisiacs. I think I will try the Ylang Ylang as I also find Lavander too relaxing. Plus it reminds me of my grandmothers perfume, LOL. Not much of an aphrodisiac there. My DH dosn't have any reproductive problems that I am aware of, I just liked the idea of making him a herb pouch that would stimulate fertility as well as being an Aphrodisiac. I am also going to look more into the Calendula as I don't know much about it. As for doing a cleansing, I usually do one twice a year but I am still Bfeeding and I am not too sure how safe a cleansing is while BFeeding so that may have to wait, but Great advice :-). Thanks a bunch ladies! I also picked up Scott Cunningham's Encyclopidia of Herbs. I love his books so far so I thought I would check this one out too. Anyways thanks again Smile

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A huge LOL about Lavendar and your grandmother .. I LOVE lavendar, I burn a few sticks a day to have the smell in my house. Although I only like this certain brand, the others I've tried were horrible smelling lol.

Ya wanna know what else smells HEAVENLY? Cinnamon vanilla candles Lol but that was OT Lol

VERY neat about S.C's book ~ I have it somewhere in a box in my garage (moving sucks what can I say lol) There are sooo many wonderful herb books out there .. You'll have to let me know how you like it Smile

Have you ever tried http://www.half.com? I worship that place ~ deff. somewhere to look to get books and all kinds of things for SUPER cheap.

Okay ~ back to herbs ~

Have you ever heard of Fertlity Blend for men and women? It's expensive but worth taking, it's also cheaper to take it this way than to buy specific herbs when taking them orally.

Here are some URL's that talk about each one:

FertilityBlend for Men

FertilityBlend for Women

I also did a quick search for you to see waht I could come up w/ on calendula ~ this page looks great!! Some of it is re-peat info and other isn't ..


Another one that looks good ~ very "professional" like:


And a few more Smile



k ~ I'll stop for now lol

Found another lol sorry had to share it Biggrin


and ugh ~ in my last post it shows how many times I had to go in and fix my spelling errors lmao that sucks ~ ah well so I can't spell!! lol

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I'm not sure if your into stones, but I love this shop and while browsing today came across these two pouches, so I thought I would share them w / you Smile

Male Stone Pouch

Female Stone Pouch

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Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. This is from the book Casting the Circle: A Women's Book of Ritual by Diane Stein.

"This is a ritual for a woman who is pregnant or who wants to ask for conception/fertility. The woman has chosen the rite of passage of motherhood, and the circle validates the great changes coming to her life as a result of her decision. The ritual can also be adapted to other forms of creation - the beginning of writing a book, the recording of a music tape, the start of a business or career. To do this, the baby symbols are changed for those meaningful to the woman and occasion.

For a pregnancy ritual, decorate the altar with baby toys, bottles, diapers and baby clothes. If there are gifts for the mother, place them on or around the altar, and put a bowl of colored eggs on the altar as well. Use pastel candles and flowers, and a baby rattle to purify. As another way to decorate, try a birth/rebirth theme with baby photos of the women in the circle, photos of foremothers/ancestors, and candles in red, white and back (birth, death and reincarnation). Use a feather to case the circle, and a bowl of eggs that are red or white.

Put a malachite pendant or shaped gemstone on the altar as a gift for the mother; it hastens labor and is not to be worn until labor begins. Or use aquamarine or emerald to prevent miscarriage, carnalian or orange/red coral to stimulate conception, or age to help morning sickness.


Pastel flowers and candles on the altar (or in rebirth theme,use read and white flowers; red, white and black candles)

Incense - Purify by shaking a baby rattle around the women's auras (or in rebirth theme, use sage or myrtlewood incense for immortality.)

Baby toys, diapers, bottles, baby things on the altar. (Or use photos of the woman as babies, photos of foremothers)

Bowl of multi-colored hard boiled eggs

Pendant or gemstone for baby - Malachite or other choice

Gifts for mother and baby, if any, are on and around the altar.

Invocation/Poem -use the following or choose others

Comfortable chair in center of circle for the mother to be.

After ritual foods or potluck dinner contributions.

Matches to light candles and incense, charcoal block for loose incense, ritiual wand (or use feather to cast the circle.)


Light candles.

Purify - with baby rattle or incense.

Cast circle/Invoke mother and child Goddesses. Use ritual wand or feather to cast the circle.

Earth - Oddudua, Mother of the Goddesses (Africa
Air - Lilith, who makes children laugh in their sleep (Hebrew)
Fire - Parvati, Mother Goddess (India)
Water - Isis, Mother Goddess (Egypt, Africa, Greece)
Spirit - Demeter, Earth Mother, mother of us all (Greece)

Invocation - The mother to be sits in the chair at the center of the circle. High priestess says:
"We are here to honor (name) who will be a mother. As she makes the passage through pregnancy and labor, she becomes the Mother Goddess and her life will change forever. no more the Maiden, and the mature lover, she takes on the care of another life with her own. We are here today to invoke the Goddess in wishing (name) as safe birth, a strong child, and happiness in motherhood."

Creation Poem by Monica Sjoo
The most holy one created the world like an embryo, as
an embryo grows from the navel, so she began to create
the world by the navel, and from there it spread, grew,
multiplied in all directions....and she was both seed and
flower, both primordial and final. The first vibrations of
the egg of the world which unfold to the edges of the
universe are both expanding and contracting, emerging
from the source and pulsing outward to disappear into a
spherical vortex. The still center (the heart) is the axis of
creation - the universal continuum perpetually un-
folds, pulses outward, contracts - perpetually spinning
through it's own center.

Meditation - The high priestess leads the women in a meditation on pregnancy and birth. Watch the egg divide, become the fetus, and grow inside the womb. The fetus develops and becomes a child. She is born, grows into yourself, grows up. The cycle starts again with a child in the womb of the mother-to-be. Ask the child for a message, send her blessings and love. Wish her well in her beginnings and come back to now.

Body of ritual - The high priestess takes the malachite gemstone from the altar, passing it clockwise around the circle. Each woman who holds it puts three blessings in it:
For easy childbirth
For the mother
For the baby
The malachite is given to the mother, but not to be worn or held until she is in labor. Other stones - emerald, aquamarine, agate - can be worn throughout the pregnancy.
Go around the circle again. Each woman shares he own stories of birth or stories from their mothers. Make them positive ones. Share remedies for morning sickness, easy delivery, tips on newborn care, etc.
If the mother-to-be agrees, the women together put their hands on healing and blessing on the pregnant woman's abdomen. Do Reiki, touch healing, polarity healing (gentle touch only) for several minutes, offering blessings and well beings to the woman and the child inside.
Pass around the dyed hard boiled eggs. Each woman takes one as a symbol of fertility, birth, creation and reincarnation.
Raise energy - Use the sound of the baby rattle, chants or songs to raise the cone of power. The women visualize a safe and easy delivery, a healthy baby and a smiling mother. Direct the energy to these things manifesting.
Ground. Send excess energy into the earth for healing and new growth.
Open circle/hugs.
Present gifts to mother to be.
Have a pot luck dinner, after-ritual celebration or food sharing."

I don't think this is exactly the information you were looking for, but I hope it helps!

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Actually this is exsactly what i am looking for. It sounds like a beautiful ritual. I was just, also interested in herbs for fertility as well. Thank you so much for sharing Smile If you don't mind i may also share this with others. Thanks a bunch Smile

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Sure, share it with whomever you like. Smile

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Lurker here!! I just had to say... "Hi Sam!!!"

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sam? lol Who's that? Smile

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a person who posted above, I know her from another board;)

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wow this is old, but useful!

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I agree that this is very useful info. Should we keep it up as an announcement?

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^ yes please!

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I am trying to conceive my second child right now, so I'm finding this thread extremely fascinating. I'm very new to Paganism, so I have never done a ritual. Are there any herbs/foods that are recommended to increase fertility and chances of conception? I figure that I can consume something now even if I'm not ready to jump into ritual yet. Thanks!

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I highly recommend sharing a pomegrante with your DH. It's a sexy fruit, you need to break the seeds out with your fingers. But be careful, it stains!

No need for a formal ritual, but it can't hurt to light a red candle for passion!

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one of my nurse practitioners is also pagan and she was telling me about a tea to drink. I did find more on it on line too. And it does taste good.

"My standard brew (meaning my daily nourishing herbal drink) has been an infusion of nettle leaves, oatstraw, and red raspberry. I love this tea, and feel its absence on days I forget to put it on to steep in the morning.

So, to make it, I take one handful of each of these dried herbs (enough to make about one ounce total) and put them in a quart mason jar. I fill the jar with boiling water, cover the jar, and let it steep at least four hours. Then, I strain it and drink it at room temperature. You can also enjoy it heated or chilled as iced tea. Or if you don’t enjoy the taste; you can mix it with fruit juice. I have definitely developed a taste for it, and look forward to drinking it each day. As I drink it, I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the nourishing qualities."

I have tried it with juice, honey, hot and cold. It is good all ways.