Pam (MrsHooah2U) - Cancer sucks.

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Pam (MrsHooah2U) - Cancer sucks.

As many of you already know, Pam ((MrsHooah2U), has lost her battle with cancer. Pam offered our community the gift of her beautiful spirit and I know treasured the wonderful bond and friendship she found with many of you here from several different areas of the site. She leaves behind two precious children, her dh and many more loving family & friends. While  many of you have moved on, I wanted to offer this as a central gathering place for those wishing to connect with old friends to share your special memories, feelings and more.

Additionally, I know several are looking for ways to help the family and/or to celebrate Pam's life. Joee and I are reaching out to various groups and will pass along more details when available. Of course, if you know of anything please post & share. Her aunt has shared the family will be working on organizing a college fund (529) for her little ones -- Jacob (5) & Aubree (3). We will get this link posted as soon as possible.


I know others IRL sometimes don't 'get' how close people can grow in online communities. I have cherished watching these relationships develop into an unique 'sisterhood'. Over the years, we have journeyed on this path to parenthood & shared so much! It isn't often you can find a whole board full of people to examine your chart to help find the perfect 'window', or not only willing to stare at your pee stick but be thrilled at squinting to see the faintest line. On through the rolloercoaster of pregnancy, labor & delivery and finally in the throes of one of the best adventures of a life -- parenting! We have been able to reach out to one another in times of laughter, celebrations and tears. There may have been *once or twice* (:P) when we disagreed .. or was that agree to disagree!? Most of all - we found a community of support available... even while learning support does not alway equal agreement. I hope as you look back on the time spent here at, you are still able to find ways it positively impacted your life... including leading to lasting friendships with incredibly strong, courageous woman like Pam. Thank *you* for your contributions to making this community a home.

Please feel free to post. If you need help with the new forums or your account drop me an email at

More soon!