Interesting links for the Paranormal Enthusiast!

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Interesting links for the Paranormal Enthusiast!

So I thought we could do a link page to some interesting sites we have run across. If you want yours added, just post it here on this thread and I will add it to the main page!

Coast to Coast : this is a radio show thats wildly popular. The site is chock full of strange goings on! The link I provided is for the photo page, but I encourage you to check out the whole site. It gets out there sometimes, lol.

Ghostpics:Heres another with some crazy photos!

TAPS:This site goes deeper than just the TV show fluff!

Chip Coffey:My personal favorite psychic! Hes a hoot!

The National UFO Reporting Center: A place to read reports and even report your own sighting should you be lucky enough to spot one!

Phantoms & Monsters: an interesting blog!