Holiday Gifts

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Holiday Gifts

So what are your kids asking for this holiday season? What are you going to get them?

My 02er is hard this year, she has really outgrown most toys. So sad. Sad We have recently put up the Littlest Pet Shop, Little Ponies, etc, I'm not ready to get rid of them yet, but she has not played with them in some time). The one thing she has asked for is a Liv Doll, The Alice in Wonderland White Queen Target Exclusive (wow, that was a long title lol)

They are pretty cute dolls, like barbies, but their wigs are removable. Smile So I bought that yesterday. I think we are also going to get her the Wii Udraw board. She is very artistic, and loves all things artsy. She plays a lot with the very basic photo editing tool on the wii, so I think she will love this. I think her stocking will have Super Scribblenauts for the DS, and the last present is still undecided (we just do 3 gifts and a stockingful from Santa).

My 05er is so easy to buy for. He is the kid that gets excited over anything and everything. Smile His birthday is just over a week after Christmas, so we are buying for that as well. I don't know which prsents will be for what, but he is getting some KungZhu stuff I got on super clearance, Lego Atlantis set (again, super clearance), SpongeBob animator pc thing in his stocking, a microscope (his specific asked for item), maybe a hotwheels track thing, Snap Circuits set, and I think I already have something else, but it escapes me. lol

My twins, or 09ers, and also have their birthday right after Christmas, but they are getting new toddler beds (currently still sharing a crib), pillow pets, big wheels type things, and a few toys. Smile

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I got nothin!

Well, hardly anything. No real ideas either.

My 04--Joseph--wants a bow and arrow so bad he can taste it. So we did get him a youth bow and arrow set (to be used under adult supervision). Still need to pick up the target foam thing for it. He also wanted more Hex bugs (nano) and more habitat pieces, so we got a set, but will give it to all of them as a family gift since all 3 kids like them.

My 05--Kaitlyn--wants the Jesse doll from Toy story, so she'll get that, but I have no other ideas for her.

And then my 08 Weston--Not a clue! Something building, as he loves to build. Most likely more legos.

I have a feeling I will reach my goal on not overdoing Christmas this year. (there are usually way too many gifts under the tree and we way over buy because we never give the kids new toys outside of birthday or Christmas)

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Well, Reagan wants a Nintendo 3DS and any of those lego sets. Maximus wants anything superhero, he really loves the Imaginext stuff. Liberty loves anything that has to do with animals... so they're all pretty easy to shop for lol! Thank God I've been done with Christmas shopping since October!

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my 02 is asking for is a 3DS or an ipod, video games, gogos (little figures of some sort that come in a foil pouch) and some redakai 3-d collectors cards-
what he would like is a Nook Color, but - reality, though is that he won't get any of these as I'm not going to be spending this much money- I have bought him used ski equipment and ice hockey equipment and signed him up for ski lessons through the school- so that is the bulk of the money that I want to spend- I also need to get his bindings adjusted- which will run me another $35 or $45

He asks everybody for the same thing so I told him that he should ask others for different things LOL he figures between Santa, Mom, Dad & Grandparents if he asks all of us for it, he might get it at least once- and he doesn't care if he gets more than one! LOL

so what he's got so far-
from me: a box of clothing some new/clearance and some from yard sale-that I think he's seen- also new boxer briefs
but I will wrap it up anyways from me
ds game, and a few toys that were from the after christmas clearance in boxes, I think there are some legos in there.

from my folks: ds game, some socks, not sure what else-

santa will bring a wii game- santa claus is coming to town- I hope he likes it - he will also bring some camping gear, and a tent and one or two toys - maybe a remote control robot that I bought after clearance and is out in my folks garage (hopefully he hasn't seen it)