March Break!

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March Break!

It's March Break here... kids are thrilled of course Blum 3 I am glad the time changed happened just before it so they have a week to recoup rather than having to go to school a little bleary-eyed (I'm sure the teachers are too! LOL)

Anybody else on March Break or coming up to it? Any exciting plans?

Ours are pretty tame. Going to the library this afternoon... some children's entertainer/singer is there that I've never heard of but figured it would give the kids something to do LOL Tomorrow and Wednesday they're going to an activity time at a (awesome but expensive) toy store downtown (1.5 hours... costs $5 and all the $$ they raise goes to charity). Then Wednesday afternoon they and my nephew are being picked up by my old Sunday School teacher to go to her house until Sunday. She'll keep them busy... they're going to tap a few trees and try to make some maple syrup (likely a little early but she figures they'll still have fun/maybe get a few drops LOL)... ski-dooing... piling wood... she lives in the boonies so all kinds of stuff for them to do Smile Mommy's going to take advantage of that and purge/clean a couple bedrooms!

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We had midwinter break in February just after valentines day. And I don't think spring break is until April. But next week is all half days for parent/teacher conferences. Not a lot of time to do something, but more anyway. Maybe we'll do something then.

Sounds like your kids will have such a fun time! And so nice to have all that time! I've been cleaning and purging too---its almost time for us to have a yard sale!

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Fun, fun!!! We had winter break in february as well, and we have spring break the beginning of April here. I'm thinking a few days to sleep in would be FANTABULOUS!! Not that the kids will cooperate.. but maybe if I let em watch pbs, or play wii they'll let ME sleep in, lol.

Did you get a lot done without the kids? I did a fair amount of unloading of stuff right before we moved Smile and is it ever nice not to have as much junk!

I'm sure we'll also spend a lot of time at the park, and having playdates with friends on our week off. We usually do Smile

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My boys are on spring break this week. No major plans. Yesterday the weather wasn't that good, but I took them all to the library. Today it finally started to feel like spring, so we will be able to go outside more. We are currently renovating our basement, so our living room looks like an episode of 'Hoarders'. It will be nice for the kids to be able to play outside.