Nicholas gave us a scare

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Nicholas gave us a scare

My dad took the boys to some Canada Day celebrations while Victoria was napping so that DH and I could get some stuff done around the house. After a couple hours, we get a call from my dad saying that Nicholas had wandered off Sad They were waiting in line for a balloon animal when he took off. When my dad couldn't see him, he notified search & rescue and called us. DH and I left the house right as quickly as we could, but it took us about 25 minutes to get down there. The whole time I found myself trying not to think of the worst, and hoping he had just gone to a playground or something. Just as we got there I got a call from my dad saying that he had been found, and 5 minutes later, he was in my arms. It turned out that he had gone back to a playground that they had been to previously, that was across the bridge and halfway across the park. My dad was amazed that he had remembered how to get there!

Nicholas has a tendency to wander off, but this was by far the worst scare. We talked to him again about the importance of staying with whichever adult that he's with, and I really hope it sinks in this time!

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That is so so so scary!! I'm so glad you found him safe! We got separated from Joseph when he was 5 at Pike Place market in Seattle. He was only gone like 4-5 minutes, but it felt much longer--can't even imagine an hour!

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OMG I can't even imagine going through anything like that! I'm glad that he's ok!