school starting soon!

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school starting soon!

I have to say, it will be nice to be in a routine again, but the lazy days of summer have been nice. I am not entirely looking forward to the juggling of schedules of the school year.

It will be nice to have just ONE school schedule this year, rather than a full day kid and a half day kindy kid.

So far we have swimming on the schedule twice a week and piano on the schedule. I HAVE to force myself to put dd on MY schedule for her piano lesson. Ds1 takes piano from a teacher and has been for the past 3.5 years with the same teacher. I play piano, but I'm not super advanced, but after sitting in 3 years of lessons for ds, I decided I could get dd through at least the beginner books. So when I wanted to start her and ds's teacher (a friend of mine) didn't have any openings, she was very supportive of me teaching my dd until she has an opening and/or she gets farther along where I need her to have an actual teacher, but she lets my dd just pay her recital fees and do recitals with them and attend any free programs they do (rest home for halloween songs/christmas performances at different places etc). Only problem is, I don't always take the time to give her a "lesson" so she is progressing slowly, even though her enthusiasm to play is there! So we are about to start the 2nd book and I have to make sure to schedule time for her.

Besides those activites, we have wrestling starting in november and I'm going to look into gymnastics as well--wrestling is SOO cheap, that when dd asked to do that and gymnastics I agreed, and ds wants to as well. So we'll see what we can fit in--I do not want to over schedule the kids, even if they are the ones asking to be in stuff.

How many have already started school? Soon? Are you doing any extra activities?

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Dd started school 2 weeks ago, and the boys start tomorrow Smile I am happy to have just 2 school schedules to deal with. And they're close enough to the same times that it will be easy to drop off/pick up everyone in the same trip. The boys can also walk to school this year and I am very happy about that, since it also means they can walk home Smile

We have piano lessons for 2 kids each week (although 3 kids have to fit in practicing piano daily so when you add them all up it's 1 1/2 hrs of piano each day), cub scouts for ds, and every other week dd has activity days, oh and dd is starting trumpet this year, so she has to fit practicing that into her schedule too.

No other extra activities really... well, dd is doing safety patrol 1 day of the week, and last year she did science club and chorus and I'm sure she'll want to do them again this year.

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We started the end of July, so we should be in our routine by now. lol. Smile School is going well for both kids, they like their teachers. DS is in 1st grade, so definitely nice to only have one schedule. Smile It sure is quiet with just the babies though. Smile I am hoping they start doing more in ds's class. At back to school night the teacher said the first 5 wks or so are slow because she has to individually test each kid to see where they are, so they do lots of review and such... so we are finally past that, I am ready for him to be bringing home books and such. But balancing more homework for two kids is rough!

Extracurricular stuff, they are both doing dance. Brilee has done ballet since she was 4, and does an annual community Nutcracker performance, you have to be 6 to participate (its non-profit, good performance, but we pay to participate), and well, Tuck really really wants to be a party boy, and he is six, so he is taking dance as well this year (you have to audition). He is taking tap, thankfully it is at the same time as Brilee's class, so Friday afternoons. He really wanted ballet more than tap, but I needed their class to be at the same time because its 30 min across town (but worth the drive for a great dance school). I convinced him he will learn ballet in Nutcracker practices, once a week starting in October and then gets to two days a week in November, so btw them both, a lot of driving and practices, and I doubt they will be in the same scene. But thankfully after two weeks of tap he is really loving it. Smile

We need to do piano lessons, Brilee seems to be able to play by ear, but we do not have a piano. I really want one... someday. Smile oh, and Brilee has activity days once a week as well, thankfully it is the same time and day that dh is at the church for cubscouts. lol