the source of the screeching :)

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the source of the screeching :)

Here is what the kids found in the backyard today:

They came running to me in the front yard yelling "SNAKE!!!!!" I thought it had to have been at least 8 feet long and possibly ingesting one of the children for the noise they were making about it. After I picked it up and they realized it would, in fact, not eat them, they held it Smile Gotta love garter snakes! (and yes, my backyard IS a jungle right now and needs a mow and is the perfect habitat for a snake, but there are reasons why it is that long but it will hopefully be done this weekend, once the rest of the branches from our winter-storm-fallen-tree are off of the lawn and put through the grinder--can't exactly mow with pine branches all over the grass Smile What you see in the pics is the neighbors front lawn, which is nice and trimmed, ours is at least 8 inches tall)

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That is cool! That's cute how excited they were about it Smile

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Nice Smile

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Lol mine would all be running for the hills from a snake, harmless or not!