4 year well visit

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4 year well visit

Took Benny (and Naava) for a well visit today. All went very smoothly. He's now 40.5 inches (53%) and 37 lb (59%) so he's slowly slowly shrinking down like his big brother. Remember when he was off the chart in height and 95th in weight? Well every year we seem to go down a line on the graph. He had 5 vaxes and is now done till he's 10 years old. We got a referral to an eye doctor just to rule out any problems (DH has a severe lazy eye - it was treated so you can't tell, but not treated well enough so he is actually legally blind in that eye) and also to an ENT to discuss the enlarged adenoids and tonsils that are contributing to his drooling. Finally.

I just have to say - I really like this pediatrician. He has such a good way of evaluating how the child is doing by communicating with him. Like when we came in he started joking about how Benny matches the walls (he was wearing a tshirt the same green color as the walls) so they had a conversation about colors. Then he asked him why he has a B on his yarmulka and not an A. And if his name starts with a B, what does Naava's name start with. (which he answered correctly in both the Hebrew alphabet and the standard one :D) Instead of asking me what he knows, he gets it out for himself. I really like that.

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Sounds like a great visit! I love it when doctors are like that, I only answer questions for my kids if they don't know an answer (about symptoms) evaluating them at well visits they are on their own. He sounds like a good pedi that you will want to keep around for a while!
Brady got 4 vaccinations and is good until he is 10 as well.
Sounds like Benny has been really active and is slowing down his growing a little bit.

BTW don't you love when you can piggyback appts so you don't have to keep going back different days? I think it's great!

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That pediatrician sounds like a keeper, not often in my experience that they actually talk to the child itself. ((thumbsup))

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It sounds like Benny is doing very well and the pediatrician sounds great.

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It is so reassuring to have a doc you like, isn't it? Sounds like a great appt. I hope Naava is also doing well!

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I love it when the doctors do that. Caitlin never lets me get in a word edgewise, she goes ahead and talks with the doctor everything herself, her dr is wonderful. Finding one that really treats them well makes going there so much less of a hassle